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Written on Mike Casteel steps down as principal of Maryville High School:

in response to agentorange007:

Can anybody 'splain to me how someone who has never headed a classroom as a teacher, or a school as a principal, end up as the City of Maryville's highest paid employee at $126,000 plus per year?

I assume you are talking about Casteel? If so, he did teach. I was a student of his 1996 drivers education class at MHS.

Anyway, he definitely was better than the principal when I attended... Messer stepped down after he was caught stealing money on video from the concessions stands at MHS. I believe his salary was $80K/year at the time... BUM!

Written on Do you remember?:

Entertainment at its finest in Maryville... [sarcasm]

Written on Benton requests pay cut for Alcoa City officials:

I'd take his job for roughly half his pay and not complain about it like he is. I'm sure there are plenty of qualified people who are currently unemployed that would do his job for less too. The Alcoa government should be ashamed of their leadership.

Written on Busted by cigarette butts:

I don't think this has anything to do about keeping the county clean... it has everything to do with making $ from pulling people over and ticketing them.

A criminal offense if someone throws a cigarette butt out the window of a car??? What is this, Nazi Germany? I don't smoke, so it will not affect me, but this is just beyond ridiculous.

Written on Dream realized:

Wow, after all this publicity and it is still $6M short? The Maryville Daily Times has an article about the CAC every week... give me a break, if so many people really wanted a CAC in Blount County, their would be enough donations for the project.

I still say most people (and performers) will continue to go to the theatres and centers in Knoxville before coming to Maryville.

Written on Meeting the neighbors:

This is the best candidate Republicans can find? Is this a joke?

Hopefully the Dem's can find a better candidate...

Written on Mayor says county surviving in tough economy:

"In industrial development, the mayor pointed out that Rubbermaid added the Sharpie Division to its Maryville plant, creating 150 jobs."

Let us remember this happened after Newell moved 300+ jobs from Blount County to Texas over the past year. Annualized, it's a net loss of jobs for the county.

Written on Business boom:

"He intends to put in a very upscale martini bar with light entertainment there. It will be a nice asset to downtown that will bring walking traffic downtown.”

Yeah right. The only walking traffic in downtown is Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm when people go to work (mostly at Ruby Tuesday Corporate buildings). Any other time, especially the weekends, Maryville downtown is a ghost town. It's been that way for the last 30 years I've lived here and hasn't improved much since. I walk through downtown frequently (during work hours and non-work hours) and there is rarely anybody there.

Written on County refinances debt, tables regulation vote:

God bless Linda King... standing up against a bunch of liberals and speaking for the majority of the folks.

Written on Rallying for the arts:

Good luck getting many people from the community who are not connected in some way to the government or college to donate money to an arts center during a recession. People are going to take care of themselves and family first before worrying too much about a $7M shortfall this project has...

Written on Knoxville woman sues Blount County mayor:

I hope she wins. Cunningham deserves it. Hopefully he gets voted out in the next election.

Written on Dear Readers November 6, 2008:

I don't get it. I am a young voter; only my third election also and I can't disagree with the article more.

To me, this was the most uninspiring election yet. I see no major differences in either candidate unlike past elections. Both support lower taxes, both want to get out of Iraq, both voted for the massive Wall Street bailout, both want government to take over health insurance. The only real difference I saw was Obama was pro-abortion and McCain was pro-life.

There really wasn't much difference in either party this time; both major parties support some level of socialism (if not border line communism with "spreading the wealth" ideas coming from Republicans and Democrats alike).

This country really needs a third party candidate. Now that would be inspiring.

Written on Voters reject 1/2 cent sales tax for education:

Good riddance to a bad idea. The winners here are the poor and middle class whose budgets are being spread thin right now.

My wife works for the county school system and everyone in her department received a bonus last week. How could the irresponsible leaders in our local education system hand out bonuses and then insist they need to raise taxes to get more money "for the children?" Totally irresponsible...

Written on Commissioners put sales tax increase on next agenda:

Since I live in the city and I might get a city vote and a county vote in separate referendums, I want to let both city and county commission's know that I will be voting AGAINST the tax increase in both referendums.

Written on Maryville City Council passes half-cent sales tax referendum:

Why not raise the sales tax? Maryville already has a storm water tax, a high property tax, water taxes, and tons of zoning and permit fees, just to name a few. It's nice to live in Maryville, but the taxes are becoming too many in number and to darn high.

Written on State Senate, District 8:

Overbey sounds like such a career politician that I could never vote for him. I am sick of him sending me mail about Finney voted for this and against that, and then Finney sends me mail saying exactly the opposite. Who am I supposed to believe???

Written on ‘Half a Cent is Money Well Spent’:

West takes us all for fools in his comment:

"West said the no local government or school system is driving the initiative. “This is people and expectations driven,” he said."

He is completely lying. Just look at the resumes of some of the members on this "Blount Countians for Educational Excellence" group:

Steve West - former Maryville mayor
Jeff McCall - former Blount county commissioner
Barbara Jenkins - employed by the city of Alcoa
Mike Dalton - long time director of schools for Maryville
Galen Johnson - Principal of Porter High school
Don Story - long time employee of Maryville High School
Jerome Moon - campaign contributor to Sen McCain, Sen Alexander, Fred Thompson
Monica Gawet - Serves on the board of directors for Leadership Blount with other members of government such as Dave Bennet
Herb Meyer - founder of Blount County Habitat for Humanity

This is just another example of people in government and the schools trying to get more money in their budgets. Just say it's for the children and the masses are expected to fork over all there money, no matter how tough the times are. I am voting NO to raising any more of our taxes; they are already too high!

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