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Written on Dear Readers: Blount Today to close:

Dang Sherry! Just when you all were gettin started and whoopin the tar out ot the Daily \Times. Earnest T is going to get the itchy bowel over this. I'll have cuszin Billy break the news to him becuz he might mess up the barber shop if I tellem. Need to tell the big shots over at the big paper this ant going to be good for them. They might as well just give the Daily times the market and forget Blount County.

Written on United Way Board chair Kevin Painter jokes with State Court of Criminal Appeals Judge D. Kelly Thoma:

The Republicans and Democrats. Where's the Tea Party... ugh!

Written on Hoy Grimm is in the Chatroom:

Mr. Grimm Is something Else. I wish Blount County had more "Hoys"! Sure would be a better place! Thanks Hoy for all you do in Blount County!

Written on Tessa Bright Wildsmith is in the Chatroom:

That Tesa is sump'in else. Working in the same office as Marty day and day out must be a challenge. :) Only kidding Marty! I know if I make you mad you'll get those pictures you have of me and publish them. Boy I would be in big trouble with Thelma Lou!!
I'll bet she would like work with Earnest "T" better except Earnest "T" doesn't always brush his teeth. Ugh!
Ya'll do good work over thar @ BT, Great community paper. It's refreshing having a "Good News" paper in Blount County. Every morning I go to the driveway to get my DT I dread the Doom and Gloom on the front page.

Written on Learning the business: United Community Bank Junior Board gets lessons in service, finance:

I sure wished we had a Bank in Mayberry that had this program when I was a senior. Sounds like United Community Bank and that Shepard guy and Hill lady have a great program for these outstanding students. Even if we did have this program I probally wouldn't make the cut. Congrats to the students of the board! Floyd

Written on Aerial Carter:

I sure wished we had a Bank in Mayberry that had this program when I was a senior. Sounds like United Community Bank and that Shepard guy and Hill lady have a great program for these outstanding students. Even if we did have this program I probally wouldn't make the cut. Congrats to the students of the board! Floyd

Written on Mother of Blount Today editor dies:

Lance, I am very sorry to hear about the death of your mother. Peace be with you and your family during this sad time. Floyd

Written on Bob Hirche is in the Chatroom:

Cuzin Billy knows Bob and Susan and tells me they are a class act. He said Bob is a lucky guy to be married to Susan. Billy can't believe Bob's 55 and wonders why Susan married a guy 20 years older than her.

Written on LeConte Wealth Management, Commonwealth Financial Network® receives highest ranking in recent J.D. Power and Associates study:

I've heard Mr. Grimm and Painter are great advisors, oh and not to forget Donna and Andy. Cusin Billy told me he worked with them years ago over at the big bank. He knows the family's very well too. Sounds like y'all are fortunate to have Leconte Wealth Management in Blount County and congrats to them!

Written on County mayor to ask for $15,000 pay cut:

Ed leads by example. Glad to have him in office to tackle the financial crisis of the county.

Written on Fort Craig’s future: Will school become victim of ‘desperate times call for desperate measures?’:

Let's not forget that our State Representatives and Senator fought hard to get the interest free loans to build Coulter Grove School because of over crowding in our system. Do you think they will be able to get this kind of funding again? The Board of Education could be making A BIG MISTAKE!

Written on Mark Cate named special assistant to Governor Bill Haslam:

:~) Merry Christmas Goober!

Written on Honoring Forster, supporting Relay for Life:

This was a night I will never forget. Thanks to Joe Tipton, Joy and Will, Tish Hickman and Rick Shepard for pulling this event together. Tish was respondsible for making it happen!!

Written on Mark Cate named special assistant to Governor Bill Haslam:

ugh! I would not gel well with tennessee7. Sorry .

Written on Fort Craig’s future: Will school become victim of ‘desperate times call for desperate measures?’:

Oh gosh MrBuds, I am for keeping Ft. Craig too! It's a great school and I was only making a point that we will have a tax increase regardless of this issue. Ft. Craig teachers and administration ROCK!!!

Written on Fort Craig’s future: Will school become victim of ‘desperate times call for desperate measures?’:

You might want to check your math agian jameso. The tax increase is comming with or without Ft. Craig.

Written on Trish and Brad Wiksten dress for Halloween at Boyd Thomas Clothing.:

That Bill and Marti the Boyd Thomas are something else! Great for downtown! I've been there and going back because they understand the power of friendship and take interest in what my clothing needs are!! I cut Bill's hair every now and then and when he let's me. Marti prays for me each time! Brian Tuggle is my best client!

Written on The General at peace:

General Forster was The True Gentleman!

The True Gentleman is the man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety, and whose self-control is equal to all emergencies; who does not make the poor man conscious of his poverty, the obscure man of his obscurity, or any man of his inferiority or deformity; who is himself humbled if necessity compels him to humble another; who does not flatter wealth, cringe before power, or boast of his own possessions or achievements; who speaks with frankness but always with sincerity and sympathy; whose deed follows his word; who thinks of the rights and feelings of others, rather than his own; and who appears well in any company, a man with whom honor is sacred and virtue safe.

- John Walter Wayland -

Written on Will Carver is in the Chat Room:

That Will Carver is a Dandy and a good guy to have in Blount County! I've seen him and he does have a little hair and it's "Carrot Color". I guess thats why he didn't like "Bugs Bunny" cartoons, probally had nightmares as a child. :)

Written on Hatching Hope:

That Mrs. Headrick is somethng else! She is a great lady with a big heart for children. She is setting a good example for her children to give back to the community.

Thanks Melinda for all you do to help make Blount County a safer place for children!!

Written on Children’s center says ‘Thanks’:

That Ms. Trudy is something else. The Shepard boy ant bad either but she needs to tell him he needs loose a pound or two. He's got more Chins than a Chinese Phone Book!!

Written on Joy Carver is in the Chat Room:

Ms. Joy must be an absolute wonderful lady. Been told she's got the best parents in the world that have brought her up the way we all should have been. Sister Sara you know lives over thar in Blount County and tells me she had the chance to meet Joy's husband "Counciler Will" the legal eagle. Dang, he must be a dandy catchin Ms. Joy. I've seen pictures of both of them and I would bet the barber shop thier Kids are carrot tops.. :)
Even Cusin Billy even has heard of the family all the way up is Sevier County. Billy tells me he had a friend named "Roy ED" the use to fly the jets with Joys dad at the guard base and said that General was a fine manbacked by a fine woman he calls "Caroline". Billy told me his friend Roy Ed died a few years ago and misses him real bad.

Sorry but over hear in North Carolina we tend to get off the story somewhat. Sounds like y'all are dang lucky to have the Carvers in the big M town. Weed sure like to have a bunch just likem if you have any spares.

Written on Meeting the candidate:

Thank goodness we got a decent man wanting to help out in the court house. Cusin billy told me they ant no better than John!! Sister Sara told me the politics in Blount county is shap'in up to be something that ya'll ant seen in some time. Sara told me she always wanted to live in Blount County because you folks stir up more buffalo chips than most. Rumor has it that somebody in the Court House messed with the wrong family that lives out on Sevierville Road, got a commission that's called monkeys, got a retired Fire Chief that somebody thought was a Democrate. Had the best of the best County Finance Director that was running for Mayor got retired for some reason.
Dang, what else!! I ant heard about so much mud cents cusin Billy's dog's got the itchey bowel. Remember? Vomet and Comet?? Thankful they got that cleared up, how ever they went out messing around with the wrong junk yard dogs and brought home the coodies. Billy thought they would eat the kids up before they got rid of 'em. Good Luck!!

Written on Ebenezer Scrooge is in the Chat Room:

Ebenezer looks a lot like that Lance Coleman after a night on the town. hes got more girls than Tiger hum... Sherry must make him wear make up in public to be presentable for the paper

Written on Amanda Womac is in the Chat Room:

That Marti and Bill's daughter is sumpin else! You know the ones that own the best clothing store in Murvl "Boyd Thomas Clothing". She is one of the smartist folk I know. I only wished I had haf the smarts she has!

Written on New ‘bankers’ in town:

Now this is a dandy idea! This group of young folks from the schools obviously are just outstanding students and well deserved. Congrats to all of you for your appointment to the United Community Bank Jr.Board. That Shepard guy will assure that you have a great year!!

Written on Harry “Mickey” McClurg is in the Chat Room:

Blount County needs moe folks like Mickey!! Dang good guy with a Big heart!!

Written on LeConte Wealth Management announces new Financial Advisor Andy Oakes:

Sounds Like Mr. Painter and Grimm have landed another great addition to thier already great business!! Congrats!!

Written on Dear Readers for April 16, 2009:

I kinda liked that Judge Sleepy Sherri oh man and wow Paris Hilton!! You two "Babes" really can make a country boy have flash backs of me secretly seeing Thelma Lou!! Oh most gawlt cawlt by Barney behind the Barber shop makin out. Ya had a good show there at the big school old gym. Larry, Darrel and the other brother Darrel are cuzins of mine and have a lot more tallent than me and are smarter than a bull frog on a warm cow pattie!!.
Congrats on a great Show and a wonderful Blount Today news paper.

Written on ‘Tea, Chocolate and Romance’ benefit Good Sam Clinic:

That Doug and Teresa Horn are dandy's. Yall got some good folk over there in Muryvl.
Last time we had a "T" in Mayberry, Thelma lou burnt her brownies so bad they had to call the Fare Dept. to her house. Otis showed up and spiked the lemonade and the girls were dancin in the street with Earnest T.
God help us to prevent anuter episode like that one.

Written on Durward B. Swanson is in the Chat Room:

What a treasure you have over there in Blount County!! I sure would like to have a conversation with this great American who fought for our country and proud of it!!

Written on Joyce J. Greene is in the Chat Room:

That thar Joyce wuz from Halifax County, not far from Mayberry. In fact Earnest T's from Halifax, got run off when he got cault stealin goats from that big time farmer guy over thar. In fact, I think Earnest "T" has mentioned Joyce a time or 2 and said shes a dandy!

Joyce, if your hub caps wuz missin off the Bug I can tell you who gotem!!

Ya'll over thar in Blount County are lucky to have Joyce as she and Steve have made a big difference in makin Blount one of he best places to live in the country!!

Written on Overbey plans series of work days:

Sounds like my man is getin fared up for the election and rollin up his sleeves to prepare for a challenging year in Nashville.
Was reading yur Murvl paper the other day and it seems like ya'll are haven to get another 50 cents in sales tax for education. Bet that has stirred up some talk. Guess its better than increasing property tax. Ya'll do a good job educaten yur kids. Sure wished I had the opportunity as you can tell with my spelling.
I think Overbey will work hard for you in Nashville. I've talked to him once or twice and seems really listens to yur concerns. I'll bet you will be proud of him like I wuz about Gomer when he joined the Marines in '68.
Ya'll got a good Gereral named Forster that heads up the Chamber too. I've heard he's a dandy
and I bet ya'll are proud to have him representin the community as an ambassador!!

Written on Dear Readers:

Ms Sherry, It sure seems like y'all got it going on over there in Murvl. I here cuzin Billy talk about how good yur paper is. That Mr. Lance and his buddy Marty are buddies of cuzin Billy's boy K..Lee. I was over there one weekend about 23 years ago around the forth of July and that K..Lee and Marty stuck some far crackers up the tail pipe of my Corvair. When them things went off cuzin Billy's Pitbull "Comet" ran through the screen door and ant seen him since. I could'nt swear to it but I think them boys were gettin into cuzin Billy's "white lighten". That plus peeing on a electric fence may explain why K..Lee is the way he is now. When he was young he would throw rocks at cars as they pass by up on Nebo. K..Lee told me that Lance is a right smart fellar and he will own a news paper one day. Cuzin Billy told me that if it hadnt been for Marty keepin and eye out on K..Lee he would have 40 illegitament critters by now. Y'all keep up the good work and some day I sure would like to get a copy of the Blount Today. Maybe we could Start a "Floyd Today", Hum........

Written on Finney calls off recount, is ‘out of political campaigns forever’:

This is the hottest news since Thelma Lou bault that Sears cast iron push up braizier with 700 books of S&H Green Stamps she wuz saving for 3 years. She broke 3 of my ribs with one of those WWF hugs. She cracked one of Banneys teeth up on the mountain above Mt. Pilot "sparkin" when Barney decided to do some motor boatin. Glad she decided to give it up before we had an event bigger than what Opie had with his new blue jean zipper caper.

Cant seem to figure this finney statement out that wuz published in the Murvl times:

"Because we take to heart Jesus' teaching about hypocrites' giving in public (Matthew 6:1-4), our donations are always made in strict confidentiality and privacy. I cannot divulge what we plan. We have landed on our feet, though, and we will continue to enjoy our quiet and simple lives."


Cuzin Billy told me that he suported Doug Overbey and hes rich now because Finney told the world that only rich people supported Ovebey. Billy"s got money from rasin those Pit Bulls and Goats but now hes got status hanging around the rest of the rich folk down there in Blount and Sevier County. Sure wished I had the chance to vote for Overbey caus I WANT TO BE RICH!!
Buffalo Chips!! this ant right, this is just one mans opinion.

Written on Overbey wins with strong showing in Sevier; Finney asking for recount:

Found this online this afternoon on

MARYVILLE - State Sen. Raymond Finney said today he "probably" will drop his request for a recount of votes in Sevier County in last week's Republican primary, which he unofficially lost to Rep. Doug Overbey by 139 votes.

Both candidates are Maryville Republicans.

Finney, who served one term representing Blount and Sevier counties, said part of the reason he filed the petition was that there is a very short window of time after the election in which he can ask for a recount and that if he had had more time to investigate what his petition called "irregularities" in the voting he might not have filed the petition.

Finney said he intends to "go on with my life" and added that some of the questions raised in his petition "may never be answered."

Read the complete story Saturday online and in the News Sentinel.

Wish you and Mrs. Finney "All the Best" on your retirement.

Hopefully I can get sister Sarah calmed down before she gets another case of the itchey bowel problem. Her husband Elmer called last night and said Sarah ate a mess of maters, big mistate! She went to Kroger and caused a ruckus in the womens bathroom and even called the fire bregade to hose it down. Cuzin Billey up on Nebo should get back on track of taken care of his Pit Bulls before they cross pollinate with the goats. Dang that would be a "Mell of a Hess" ugly creature I would imagine. Peace FTB

Written on Overbey wins with strong showing in Sevier; Finney asking for recount:

Went out on and checked the Tennesee law on Voten recount and here's the exact law:

"Tennessee law authorizes a recount in the case of a tie vote, an indication of voter fraud, voting machine malfunctions or tabulation problems, and "any other instance the court or body with jurisdiction of a contested election finds that a recount is warranted."
Just cause someone tells finney theres something wrong won't get it. Tellen the Sevier County Election folks they did someting wrong is not going make them sing a different song at choir practice either. Sister Salley in Waldens creek has an irratable bowel and she ant happy and her husand Elmer any goin to like it either. She ant been stirred up this way since since her boy started wearing big boy underwear when he was 3 and he threw them down in the two holer and she had to fish them out with her mop she uses ever other month. The Sears catalog still is king on moutain in my outhouse!!

Written on Overbey wins with strong showing in Sevier; Finney asking for recount:

Give it up! I would rather pee on a electric fence than to read all of this stuff. Last time I looked we do live in a demorcracy and Overbey won. What is it that is not clear??

Written on Overbey wins with strong showing in Sevier; Finney asking for recount:

"Holy underware Batman"! what a contest. Just remenbered that one cause Batman was a competator when we wuz runnig the show in '64. Gilligans Island wuz another good one and the Skipper (Alan Hale) was a good friend. Shoulds like ya'll had more fun last nite than the guy that Finney was talking about in his beasty bill video I saw on You Tube! SOUNDS SICK!!! Lord I appoligeze!! Cuszin Billy got so nervous that he pinched a hole in his underware and his baby goat started nursing from a one of his pit bull named coment.
I wuz revuiewin all of my material sent out over the last month or so and just wanted to let Overbey know that I hope I didnt embarrase him with my grammer with some of my postins. I wuz just trying to get you people thinking about what you were hearing. I have have said it more than once and I will say it again, Ive been told by cuzin Billy that Dr. finney and his dear wife have made a big impact on Blount County in the medical community and thier church. Wish them all the best!! They sound like good people to have in the community but just not representing the 8th district in Nashvegas. You know I heard that the Lambert Lady that Finney was listen too made Finney say things he should have and sounds like Earnest T.
Been told theres two or three tribes of those Lamberts and only ones worth havin over to supper. Y'all know more about that and I dont have a clue and I anit going there. Most folks would agree that after this election the tactics that were used by finney didnt work. Told you all a couple of days ago that Overbey had some of his signs stolen, well that person was cault red handed this morning, yes red handed. cornered in a driveway with signs in hand!! More news on that one.

Written on City of Maryville Fire Chief Ed Mitchell to retire :

Mitch has been a great asset to the City and will be missed by you folks over there in mtown. The secret is hes comming to mayberry to head up the fire bregade. Barney had to quit because he had too much gas eaten those fresh cukes this summer and he was dangerus around open fire. I sure hope Big Ed gets into politics hopefully run for Mayor of Blount County some day. He would represent the Blount very well. Been told the Dave Bennett is lookin at the Mayor job too, well you folks have another goodin with Big Dave!! Hopefully yall work that out!!

Written on State Senate, District 8:

AlwaysTruthful, Yur name got my attention better than my preacher did this mornin. Promised money from the coal miners union and coal companies did 2???.... As U probaly heard I have a bunch of relatives over there in Vol land and just happened to have a stepbrother Elmer that lives up in Laffolate. He has been in the coal business for many years all over those mountains and all the way up to Harlan KY. I called him a month ago and ask him about this promiss. He said they cant make promisses like that and why to Overbey. I called the Overbey bunch today and they say no such promiss. This Finney campaign propoganda is starting to sink like a goat whistin dixie from his rear Horn. This along with the Big Speaker man Nafiey non issue in the house is more buffalo crap than I can stand. Please Ask Finney if He has ever voted Democrat and let me know what he said. PLEASE...
Also, Cuzin Billy was sittin on his front porch the other nite and he whitnessed his Overbey yard sign gettin stolen. Guess what, the young boys didnt even know he was watching. More news before Thursday on that one. I'll give you a hint tommorrow.

Written on Political races heat up as forums showcase candidates:

Thank the lord yall have called it quits. That last time I saw such fussing my pitbull Sassey had pups in the wash tub on the front porch. Two of them were runts. One stayed sick all the time, pewkin on the other. I called him Vomit and the other Comet. Ever time Vomit would pewk, Comet would run under the truck faster than a Haley the Comet. The names just seemed natueral. Darla got mad as heck at me for letin Sassey and Biggin get frisky made all them pups. I've read the Murvl Times online versions of all the Political tuff that Overbey and Finney have said about each other. Overbey is the only one that has proven to me hes telling the straight story. I spent 4 hours reading the Bills the Finney quoted that Overbey was supporting with specific quotes and for goodness sake I can't find Overbey's involvement and some dont exist. I've heard that when a canidate knows he wooped, they will do anything to create a level of uncertainty.
This smells like the north end of a south bound mule!! Now liets not get the thistles in our shorts again, Please read the information very closly.

Written on Tennessee Right to Life endorses Finney:

Hey Right "wing" Choice,
I've been following all this jabbing yoove been doing and you know I've just learned that if you read you will understand and possibly LEARN. Since I do understand all these bills and admendments that the Volboy been throwing at you I guess I am close to being as smart as a rocket maker. I would suggest just what or which part do you not understand and ask Volboy to send you a copy of the Bill or better yet the all so important AMENDMENTS. Surely you could find something better to do maybe eaten buggers would be more exciten, you never know what comming next and I think the Volboy pretty dang smart!!

Written on Political races heat up as forums showcase candidates:

Mr. or whatever Right Choice,
It seems to me that you're slinging buffalo chips at the wrong croud. Go ahead and critize the Lawyers, Bankers all the other rah rah folks over there in Muryvl. They are a waste to the community, useless to society and just go to these clubs for person gain and to build thier resume for some high fluten job. Come on, If I were a volunteer at any of these rah rah clubs like United Way, Childrens Advocacy Center, Helen Ross McNabb, Lions Club, Rotary this kind of statement would cause a fued over here in M Town and it would cause me to get into the recipe, something Darla been hidin for many years. Its makes a good Bloody Mary before work though. It calms my hands when I'm trimming Barney's nose hairs.

Written on Sen. Raymond Finney endorsed by National Rifle Association:

Well I'm suprised that the NRA would support Finney without somebody askling them to do so. Can you see Finney in a Deer Stand? Heck, My dear stand is my front porch caus I live weres their plenty of deer but for goodness sake I like the varmets except when they get in the mater garden. I am visiting cuzin Billy this weekend and Truth Radio was on up here on Nebo last nite and Overbey was the guest speaker. Billy a small business man raising friendly Pit Bull Terrriers was able to get his question answered about the State Income Tax. Wow he realy knows the beans bout whats under everbodys craw over here. I think the second call was Finney and he did'nt have question, just wanted to give Overbey some crap. Well, the crap lasted bout 15 secons cause Overbey jumped in his beard real quick and told him to hed have his turn some other time. I got a visual on Finney after listening to Overbey shuten him up and I'll bet his boxer shorts were pinched beyond repair unless he had some caster oil to soften things up.
Folks you heard Dr. Mike Dalton last week on the telephone telling you that Overbey was the right person in the Senate for education. Dang I wished Dr. Dalton was the supertendant over in M-berry when I was growing up, maybe my grammer would be a bit better. You can't tell me theres anybody in Maryville any better of a man than Mike Dalton.
Sis up on Waldens Creek in Sevier called last night and she said she heard the radio all the way up there. She's getin together some of her teacher friends next week for a discussion on what to do next about Finney. If i wuz him I'd give up on Sevier county cause that ant going to allow him back without some explaning. Hec just give up Blount County and save your retired money for your kids.
You know, I'll bet Finney and his dear wife are pretty dog gone good people, worked hard at doctoring, and raised a respectfull family. I cant be disrespectfull for anybody that do so, but you really got to stand back and look at the choice you have to be effective.
Overbey sure seems to be that and for crying out loud MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE!

Written on Sen. Raymond Finney endorsed by National Rifle Association:

Mr Alcoa Guy, I went out there on and searched under the videos under Senator Raymond Finney and found it. I never could figure what was going on. Could you help me understand it. Surely this was a practice exersize before the real meeting.

Written on Candidates questioned:

OK, yo'ad think that I would eventualy fall off the turnip truck get over this Senate match livin in the mountains of N.C., But I got relatives in Sevier and Blount county that rely on me for trusted no bulloney advice.
Cuzin Billy told me he heared about folks making lite of my comments and it made his prostate swell. The last time that happened the Aunt B's bean crop got eatin buy Earnst T's 6 goats, Andy cault the mumps and they fell and almost caused a whole new script in the show. Where's Opie. Thank goodness all was OK!! I have heard from many of sisters folk in sevier county and they don't even know Finney. The school funding blooper that Finney supported still has left stinky shorts up there. Some of the Blue Blood movers and shakers in Sevier have been told by some that there are only 2-3 thousand votes in Sevier and it don't matter to finney. Finney said he wuz going to finance his race and put in $250k of his own money and didn't need the rich peoples money like Overbey. Well folks just think of what's been said. Here Finney is by himself no finaicail support running a race by himself. I wouldn't want to be there by my self. If the folks didn't support me I'd think twice about running for office. The records I found is that there are hundreds supporting Overbey, all proud to have done so. Think about a church that has no pledged financial support. See were I going with this!!
Take a look on Youtube for the latest Finney clip. I found it by mistake and man I was more impressed with Opie going through puberty squeezing zits. ugh!!!!!!!

Written on Candidates questioned:

Alcoaguy157 i couldnt git that link to open to anything.

Written on Candidates questioned:

Cuzsin Billy the only relative that I have in Murvl called me last night and told me he went to your Library to see the show. He said it was much better than World Wraseling Federation match last Saturday night, UNBELIEVEABLE.
He said the ladies that sponsored the event did a dang good job with the organization and made sure all canidates had a fair shot. He said Finney and Overbey had a good match with Overbey overwhelmingley understanding the questions and wasn't afraid to answer a pointed question. Billy was a little worried about Finney because he was sweatin, shaking, red faced and slamming his pen on the table when Overbey was talking. Hope hes ok and maybe a little caster oil will fix him up. Cuzin Billy gave his Pit Bull that oil and it keeps him under control, maybe a best pratice for you Tennessians as Finney told the world you had a real problem with Pit Bulls in that senate beasty bill last year. You know, I've seen Overbey's picture before and he ant that bad lookin and better when his wifes with him.
Cuzsin Billy really perked up when Overbey worked on Christmas eve to help with the coal oil tax last year because Billy has a oil furnice. His step sisters X stole his heat pump and sold it for copper. Got his vote for sure after that statement. He buys his oil from the Calloway boy, the late Hugh's son a wonderful family that sends a truck over the mountain to M berry for many moons. Before I forget, That Ira Lapides from whereever was a great speaker and should run for president of the UNITED STATES. Not much help for Murvl but a smart guy that turns a 3 minute answer into a college lesson starting all the way back to 1929.

Written on Tennessee Right to Life endorses Finney:

Folks, over the mountian here we just don't get into other persons business regarding pro-life or pro-choice so I want go there. I'm not a politichian or a rocket man "close However" but if I were trying to make a choice on who to vote for it would NOT be Finney. Dang, I've looked at your Blount Today and the Murvl Times and I cant find any real issues that y'all are facing that finney has addressed. Surely the goodness Finney kind find something like maybe the Jar fly problem you got this year (Liets call it SB-001). Hey that's an idea, a jump start on the session, liets make that SB-002 that will fit in with the others planned. My Sis in Sevierville had a dog that almost died because he ate to many. Big time belly ache and a heck of a mess in the neighbors yard.
It seems to be all about this speaker guy in Nashville. Finney must really hate this speaker guy to talk about him so much or his campaign advisor must really have a shoe thing. My sister up in Waldens Creek in Sevierville got two of them shoe shine cards in the mail and who ever shined 'em it that picture did a pretty good job, right out of G-Q magizine, not a big seller here in Mberry.
I understand the speaker guy is a Democrate and it apperars from these cards that Finney hates those type but I'll bet Finney is a "Closet Case Democrate", in other words has anybody ever ask him if he has voted for a Democrate? Go ahead, I know the answer because I looked up on the records just because I got tired of hearing about this nothing issue. ASK ME! Pleeeease!! It's no wonder Overbey has'nt said much about this.
Sorry to drag on as its time for a shave and a hair cut.