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Written on New animal welfare group forms in Blount:

I hope this new group has more success at building a shelter than the other group mentioned in this article. Almost 8 years later, and that group has yet to build a refuge for animals.

Written on Volunteers help keep Blount County Animal Shelter adoption rate high:

People get the idea that a municipal shelter is a "killing warehouse". This proves that when volunteers and the community support their local municipal shelter, it doesn't have to be a "killing warehouse". It can be a successful place that gives abandoned animals a second chance at finding that forever home.
I hope the Blount County Animal Center continues to receive support from volunteers and the community. It would also be helpful if animal owners would take advantage of low-cost spay-n-neuter services that we are lucky to have in our area. This would greatly reduce the number of litter of puppies and kittens that are left at the center.

Written on Music fest to benefit Blount County Humane Society:

Interesting reading regarding this organization.

Think I will pass for now.

Written on Maryville schools discussion on music curriculum has parents at crescendo pitch:

in response to rational:

Having band, orchestra 3 days a week in 5th grade is A LOT more than most schools provide. I think kids at that age need to be exposed to a variety of educational opportunities. At that age, kids are trying to figure out what subjects, interests, sports they are passionate about. Passion translates to success/achievement or more motivation to succeed. I do not think the music parents have gone out of their way to avoid comparing athletics and music at least from what I've read. I do not believe that there is a cause/effect relationship between math & the arts. I think kids who have a natural math ability are naturally better in the arts and the two interests feed off each other. I think art class and geometry goes hand in hand like algebra and music class go hand in hand. I do think sports enhance a child's academic ability. The determination and perseverance you learn carries over to the classroom. If 75% of the reduced/free lunch kids are below proficient in math, I don't think its because they don't have enough music in their lives.

I agree with what you have said. My 5th grader was given the choice of band/orchestra or study hall. Not much of a choice. I'm ok with music in schools, just not a dominating position. I feel the same way in regards to sports.

Written on Blount County Humane Society presents A Winter Mixer:

I will not be attending your event.

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