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Pee Wee Football 2010

Maryville’s Braden Porter breaks through the Tornadoes’ line.

Photo by Brandon Shinn

Maryville’s Braden Porter breaks through the Tornadoes’ line.

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  • The Raider offense and Southside defense are ready to collide.
  • Fairview’s Anthony Mohr applies the stiff-arm to Southside’s Dakota Giles.
  • Raider running back Ivan Chambers gets up a head of steam.
  • The Eagles’ Joseph Foster readies for the hit for Fairview’s Noah Humphreys.
  • Joseph Foster of Southside is snared by Fairview’s Noah Humphreys.
  • Noah Humphreys of Fairview hits the jets.
  • Coy Bryant of Southside sees an opening as Fairview’s Ivan Chambers grabs hold.
  • The Southside Eagles look to the bench for the next play.
  • Chip Arthur signals a Cubs touchdown.
  • Hal Justice of Heritage is pushed to the turf by Maryville’s Jonathan Brown.
  • The Indians’ Hal Justice shakes a tackle as he eyes the Cubs’ Chip Arthur.
  • Chip Arthur of the Cubs upends Heritage’s Hal Justice.
  • Heritage quarterback Zack Nelson lets it fly.
  • Maryville quarterback Drew Blair talks it over with Cubs assistant coach Rick Maples.
  • Riley Gennoe of the Southerners makes a big stick on Alcoa’s K’Vaughn Tyson.
  • Alcoa’s Avery Kyle (7) and Damien Love apply pressure to Maryville quarterback Christian Markham.
  • The Southerners’ Jackson Williams tugs on the facemask of Alcoa’s Damien Love.
  • Maryville’s Braden Porter breaks through the Tornadoes’ line.
  • The Tornadoes and Southerners fire off the ball.
  • Maryville’s Aaron Thurman makes the stop on Alcoa’s Damien Love.
  • Damien Love absorbs a textbook hit from the Southerners Christian Markham.
  • The Tornadoes crowd the box on a short-yardage play for the Southerners.
  • The Rockford Tigers storm through the cheerleaders’ banner onto the field.
  • Friendsville’s Orion Mashburn takes instruction from his coach.
  • Falcon quarterback Orion Mashburn gives to running back Aaron Salachiak.
  • Brock Coulson rounds the corner for the Tigers.
  • It’s a footrace with Rockford’s Brock Coulson and Friendsville’s Robert Oliver.
  • Brock Coulson of Rockford is brought to a halt by an unidentified Falcon.
  • Friendsville’s Tanner Weeks (11) and Robert Oliver collide as Rockford’s Corey Kaun changes direction.
  • Corey Kaun of the Tigers is tackled by the Falcons’ Tanner Weeks, left, and Robert Oliver.
  • Eagleton’s Austin Brown races across field to get in on the play.
  • Maryville’s Dalton Rowlette is the recipient of a most unusual tackling technique.
  • The Knights Gavin Taylor slices through an opening in the Bears’ defense.
  • Andrew Pyle battles for more yardage as Maryville’s Dalton Rowlette hangs on.
  • Eagleton’s Austin Brown strikes a classic pose to elude the Bears’ defense.
  • Austin Brown is dragged to the turf by Maryville’s Dalton Rowlette.
  • Eagleton defenders Blake Lynch (32), Haden Profitt (40), Landon Harrell (17), Conner Maxwell (85) and Colton Wade await the Bears at the line.
  • The Knights’ Cole Maxwell makes sure everything is snapped tight.

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