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Pee Wee Football 2010

See smaller Maryville quarterback Drew Blair talks it over with Cubs assistant coach Rick Maples.

Photo by Jenifer Clark

Maryville quarterback Drew Blair talks it over with Cubs assistant coach Rick Maples.

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  • The Raider offense and Southside defense are ready to collide.
  • Fairview’s Anthony Mohr applies the stiff-arm to Southside’s Dakota Giles.
  • Raider running back Ivan Chambers gets up a head of steam.
  • The Eagles’ Joseph Foster readies for the hit for Fairview’s Noah Humphreys.
  • Joseph Foster of Southside is snared by Fairview’s Noah Humphreys.
  • Noah Humphreys of Fairview hits the jets.
  • Coy Bryant of Southside sees an opening as Fairview’s Ivan Chambers grabs hold.
  • The Southside Eagles look to the bench for the next play.
  • Chip Arthur signals a Cubs touchdown.
  • Hal Justice of Heritage is pushed to the turf by Maryville’s Jonathan Brown.
  • The Indians’ Hal Justice shakes a tackle as he eyes the Cubs’ Chip Arthur.
  • Chip Arthur of the Cubs upends Heritage’s Hal Justice.
  • Heritage quarterback Zack Nelson lets it fly.
  • Maryville quarterback Drew Blair talks it over with Cubs assistant coach Rick Maples.
  • Riley Gennoe of the Southerners makes a big stick on Alcoa’s K’Vaughn Tyson.
  • Alcoa’s Avery Kyle (7) and Damien Love apply pressure to Maryville quarterback Christian Markham.
  • The Southerners’ Jackson Williams tugs on the facemask of Alcoa’s Damien Love.
  • Maryville’s Braden Porter breaks through the Tornadoes’ line.
  • The Tornadoes and Southerners fire off the ball.
  • Maryville’s Aaron Thurman makes the stop on Alcoa’s Damien Love.
  • Damien Love absorbs a textbook hit from the Southerners Christian Markham.
  • The Tornadoes crowd the box on a short-yardage play for the Southerners.
  • The Rockford Tigers storm through the cheerleaders’ banner onto the field.
  • Friendsville’s Orion Mashburn takes instruction from his coach.
  • Falcon quarterback Orion Mashburn gives to running back Aaron Salachiak.
  • Brock Coulson rounds the corner for the Tigers.
  • It’s a footrace with Rockford’s Brock Coulson and Friendsville’s Robert Oliver.
  • Brock Coulson of Rockford is brought to a halt by an unidentified Falcon.
  • Friendsville’s Tanner Weeks (11) and Robert Oliver collide as Rockford’s Corey Kaun changes direction.
  • Corey Kaun of the Tigers is tackled by the Falcons’ Tanner Weeks, left, and Robert Oliver.
  • Eagleton’s Austin Brown races across field to get in on the play.
  • Maryville’s Dalton Rowlette is the recipient of a most unusual tackling technique.
  • The Knights Gavin Taylor slices through an opening in the Bears’ defense.
  • Andrew Pyle battles for more yardage as Maryville’s Dalton Rowlette hangs on.
  • Eagleton’s Austin Brown strikes a classic pose to elude the Bears’ defense.
  • Austin Brown is dragged to the turf by Maryville’s Dalton Rowlette.
  • Eagleton defenders Blake Lynch (32), Haden Profitt (40), Landon Harrell (17), Conner Maxwell (85) and Colton Wade await the Bears at the line.
  • The Knights’ Cole Maxwell makes sure everything is snapped tight.

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