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MOC Jamboree 2009 Maryville vs. Greenback and Maryville vs. Heritage

Rebel receiver Dalton Graumann sidesteps a tackle from Greenback’s Justin Kuhn.

Photo by Brandon Shinn

Rebel receiver Dalton Graumann sidesteps a tackle from Greenback’s Justin Kuhn.

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  • Maryville junior Giovonie Hendricks (73) wrestles Greenback’s Travis Sellers to the Shields Stadium turf.
  • Rebel running back Justin Myers (21) takes the handoff from quarterback Patton Robinette as Greenback’s Gage Titlow swoops in.
  • Maryville quarterback Patton Robinette delivers a pass over the shoulder of teammate Brandon Cooper.
  • Rebel receiver Dalton Graumann sidesteps a tackle from Greenback’s Justin Kuhn.
  • Backup quarterback Austin Canfield fires after a short drop behind the protection of teammates Nick Coode (32), Justin Myers (21) and Steven Brandley (56).
  • Maryville sophomore Jacob West was held out of the jamboree as a precaution after an injury suffered in practice.
  • Maryville’s front four of Kevin Niethammer (98), Robbie Long (64), Cory Smith and Chase Starritt (87) coil for the snap.
  • Maryville junior Greg Colquitt won the halftime contest for punters. If the name sounds familiar, it should. Colquitt’s uncle and cousins are former University of Tennessee punters Craig, Jimmy, Dustin and Britton Colquitt.
  • Maryville junior Zach Sharp took the halftime competition for kickers with ease.
  • Maryville quarterback Philip Juhlin cuts a classic figure as he drops back against Heritage in the jamboree’s final quarter.
  • Heritage quarterback Tyler Hartley takes the shotgun snap as running back Jordan Correll gets moving.
  • Heritage’s Nick Cutler hangs onto his helmet by its mouth guard after a collision with Maryville’s Buddy Jones.
  • Maryville’s Nick Coode braces for the arrival of Heritage’s Nathan Magness (7) as an unidentified Mountaineer hangs on below.
  • Mountaineer quarterback Matt Plummer pulls away from center and extends the ball to running back Cole Cutshaw.
  • Heritage running back Cole Cutshaw looks to squeeze into an opening between Maryville’s Jaron Brock (44) and Nathan Miranda (52).
  • Heritage’s Clint Barbra hangs on as Maryville’s Preston Burnett applies the tackle.
  • Mountaineer sophomore Chase Cline tugs free of the tackle of Maryville’s Clint Cox.
  • Maryville sophomore Patton Robinette races down the sideline in front of Heritage bench with an interception returned 61 yards for a touchdown.
  • Maryville coach George Quarles addresses the team following the quarter with Heritage at the jamboree.
  • This shot marks the second jamboree in a row photographer Elizabeth Smith has captured a Maryville player continuing upfield after losing a shoe. Here Rebel junior Stian Romberg doesn’t let the loss of some footwear slow him down. Two years ago at Alcoa, Smith grabbed the same shot with former Rebel Chris Jordan. Smith did not shoot last season’s jamboree at Heritage.
  • Maryville quarterback Patton Robinette fakes the handoff to running back Justin Myers (21) before continuing on the option with Rebel junior Brandon Cooper. Maryville senior Jeremy Locke (60) is at right.
  • Rebel sophomore quarterback Patton Robinette braces for contact.
  • Maryville junior Austin Canfield (7) makes the handoff as lineman Robbie Long picks up a block.
  • Maryville running back Nick Coode (32) takes the handoff from quarterback Will Roberts and finds the gap behind blocks from Justin Myers (21) and Jeremy Locke (60) to score.
  • Rebel senior Sam Anderson scored the loudest hit of the jamboree on this play.
  • Maryville quarterback Will Roberts takes the shotgun snap from center Earl Whaley.
  • Rebel sophomore Will Roberts guns one upfield.

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