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MIS Invention Fair

See larger Nikki Slater made a “Doggie Away Cat Feeder.”

Photo by Jolanda Jansma

Nikki Slater made a “Doggie Away Cat Feeder.”

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  • MIS teacher Martyn Baker shows off the inventions created by his class for the MIS Invention Fair.
  • Paige Stedina invented a “Swatter Clapper-inator 3000” for her Maryville Intermediate School project.
  • Joey Lambertucci thinks his Bed Maker invention has possibilities.
  • Nikki Slater made a “Doggie Away Cat Feeder.”
  • Get your closet organized with Hannah Morgan’s Shoe Carousel.
  • Need some warmth in your Crocks? Kirksey Croft designed a Crock-Sock.
  • The CrackOmatic for eggs by Madison Coulter may be coming soon to a store near you!
  • Faith Bartos developed a Sport & Go 4000, while Olivia Hill invented Magnetic sharpeners.
  • The Handy Dandy is Lauren Irwin’s invention. It is to help children who have a disability.
  • Kirby Reynolds made a heated saddle cover for her MIS invention.
  • Ellie Heene hopes to get her sister to feed the cat with her Shake and Feed.
  • Erin Smith came up with a “Showel” for her invention.
  • Alijah Lawson won’t need to worry about rings on the table with his Coaster Cup that has a built in coaster.
  • T.D. Blackman is excited about Flossig, a toothbrush and flosser all in one.
  • The Velcro Organizer by Cameron Perry will keep lockers organized.

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