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Midgets Jamboree 2011

Bradley Boling tries to shake Fairview’s Zachary Taylor.

Photo by Brandon Shinn

Bradley Boling tries to shake Fairview’s Zachary Taylor.

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  • Walker Russell hands the ball off to Tornado running back Tykee Kelloggg.
  • Damien Love rounds the corner against Southside.
  • The Eagle line gets set against the Tornadoes.
  • Diandre Johnson bounds into the clear.
  • Southside’s Noah Jones tries to escape the rush.
  • The Falcons and Raiders mix it up as Cameron Goss brings the mail.
  • Bradley Boling tries to shake Fairview’s Zachary Taylor.
  • Cameron Goss grabs hold of Friendsville’s Kendrick Pittman.
  • The Falcons and Raiders ready to strike.
  • Tanner Harrison follows the block of Will White.
  • The Bears’ Chip Arthur looks for room as Ayden Gist (18) and Elijah Hearon close.
  • Andy Dukes takes the handoff and follows Will White into the line.
  • Ayden Gist rolls to throw for the Indians.
  • Jonathan Smiley hits the jets.
  • Austin Brewster moves out.
  • Larry Hodge lines up a receiver downfield.
  • Eagleton’s Jonathan Palm reaches back for everything he’s got on this pass.
  • Eagleton’s James Ambagis calls the signals.
  • Knights quarterback James Ambagis pulls clear of the line.
  • Larry Hodge accelerates to escape the Tigers.
  • Steven Williams is met by the Rebs Braden Porter (32), Kyle Noe (81) and Riley Gennoe.
  • Brett Perkins protects the ball while rushed.
  • Zac Headrick pivots to deliver the football to a Rebs back.
  • Brett Perkins has got the look.

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