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Maryville Little League

See larger Quick reflexes are always a good thing.

Quick reflexes are always a good thing.

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  • Close plays at first are the norm on the T-ball level.
  • Nothing like a big out in T-ball to get a team fired up.
  • Sometimes getting down and dirty is the only way to play baseball.
  • The picture of concentration on the mound.
  • Ready to let it rip.
  • Keeping your eye on the ball can come with a little courage at times.
  • Going to first for the easy is often the best option in T-ball.
  • It’s going to be close.
  • Level swing, eyes on the ball, let it rip.
  • Quick reflexes are always a good thing.
  • Let it fly.
  • A smash down the line is just out of reach.
  • Remaining alert really cuts down on the pick-off throws.
  • Who got there first is really anybody’s guess.
  • They may be ball players, but they’re still T-ballers.
  • Good pitching is still the key in softball.
  • To swing or not to swing is always tough on the ones a little inside.
  • Effort shines through wherever the games are being played.
  • Looking the ball into the glove is always sound advice.
  • Locked in and ready to fire.
  • Good footwork gets there first.
  • The crack of the bat feels good at any age.
  • It’s hard to lay off the high ones.
  • Sometimes there’s nothing else to do but duck.

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