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Green Meadow Swim Team 50th Celebration

The Reeds -- Todd, Katherine and Stephanie -- enjoy the anniversary party.

The Reeds -- Todd, Katherine and Stephanie -- enjoy the anniversary party.

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  • Enjoying the party and the cool water are Coach John Matson and Brenni.
  • The 8-and-under team includes Jamie Morris, Kate Napier, Sarah Bush, Carly Gaddis, Annabelle Burton, Ellie Graham, Savanna Broyles, Mary Dixon, Audrey Percich, Anne Lauren Bellah, Emily Dickey, Addison Leonard, Olivia Leonard, Audrey Scott and Erin Mays.
  • The Precompetive Volunteers clown in up. Pictured are Jade Morton, Tori Wigley, Taylor Drake, Charlie Morton, Samantha Ownby, Mollie Newson, Lauren Ingleston and Blake Oliveira.
  • A celebration cake sends a fun message.
  • The 9-10-year-old girls gather for a group shot. Pictured are Caitlin Gaddis, Megan Garza, Abby Minor, Gracie Bellah, Bailey Fritz, Kristina McCune and Chloe Newsom.
  • Fresh from a swim, the 11-12-year-old girls pause for a picture. From left are Erica Snell, Grace Percich, Blair Hargis, Hannah Morris, Maddie Newsom, Mikaela Smith, Madison Drake, Charli Willis, Jenna Laughlin, Taylor Nichols and Amy Dickey.
  • All smiles at the party are the 13-14-year-old girls team. Pictured are Mollie Newsom, Ellie Dickey, Samantha Ousley, Julia Snell, Lauren Ingleston, Jade Morton and Tori Wigley.
  • The Reeds -- Todd, Katherine and Stephanie -- enjoy the anniversary party.
  • Making presentations and handing out “thanks” at the anniversary party are Renee Snell, Mitzi Ingleston and John Matson.
  • Stopping for a picture are Green Meadow Swim Team members Clay Smith and Trenton Reed.
  • Enjoying celebrating the 50th anniversary are Staci Owen, Dan Rule, Karen Rule, Millie Franklin and Andy Wagner.
  • Representing the 8-and-under boys team are Karie Willard, Seth Hargis, Adam  Hargis, Ben Ingleston, Ronald Whitehouse, Braden Gaddis, Drew Napier, Gunner Goins, Sam Tate, Cade Owen, Bond Almond, John Graham Pickens, Caden Fritz and Wes Tate.
  • Gunner Goins, Eli Tate and Nolan Morrell have fun in the pool.

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