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Grasshopper Football 2010

Alcoa’s Isaiah Cox slips it into afterburner.

Photo by Brandon Shinn

Alcoa’s Isaiah Cox slips it into afterburner.

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  • Fairview’s Seth Bonham loses the handle in the scrum.
  • The Southside Eagles rehydrate during a timeout.
  • Southside’s Cody Pestridge (18) takes the give from Caleb Powell and moves out.
  • Fairview’s Cade Chambers is in the clear and on the move.
  • The Raiders’ Jared Clarke makes the grab on Southside’s Caleb Powell.
  • Fairview’s Cade Chambers hits the see-you-later gear against Southside.
  • The Raiders’ Jaxon Palm (44) and Austin McGlamery relay the score to a friend.
  • Fairview’s Tate Daniels has one man to beat against Southside.
  • The Raiders and Eagles get set for the snap.
  • The Maryville Lil’ Rebs Elijah England readies for a heavy collision with Alcoa’s Jamil Bowman.
  • Tornadoes’ quarterback Ethan Osborne barks out the signals.
  • Alcoa’s Tank Jackson lines up a block on Maryville’s Judson Lindley.
  • Alcoa’s Isaiah Cox slips it into afterburner.
  • The Alcoa staff instructs the Tornadoes during a timeout.
  • A full-house backfield is ready for action for Alcoa’s Tornadoes.
  • Isaiah Cox just slips the diving tackle of Maryville’s Tanner Shiver.
  • The Tornadoes Jeffery Bass is off and running with the Lil’ Rebs Tanner Shiver in pursuit.
  • Friendsville’s Isaac Nolan turns a cold shoulder to Rockford’s Reuben Church.
  • The Falcons huddles with their coaches at halftime in the game with Rockford.
  • Reuben Church steps through a Friendsville tackle and continues upfield.
  • Friendsville’s Lincoln Wilson gets instruction during a stoppage in play.
  • Rockford’s Cameron Johnson steps on the gas against Friendsville.
  • The Falcons and Tigers make eye contact at the line before the snap.
  • Lincoln Wilson (1) and Isaac Nolan of Friendsville ready to pounce after a bad exchange.
  • The Rockford defense is lined up and ready to go.
  • The Indians and Titans go helmet to helmet at the line of scrimmage.
  • Parker Rothery of Heritage picks up big yardage for the Titans.
  • Heritage’s Colin Coatney shakes loose the Titans’ Jordan Lindsey.
  • Parker Rothery has the pigskin slip from his grasp against the Maryville Titans.
  • Heritage’s Jacob Gregory takes hold of the Titans Ahmaudd Sankey.
  • The Titans Jordan Lindsey (32) and Woody Matthews converge on Heritage’s Justice Beazeale.

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