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Fort Craig Time Capsule

Rick Pope gets the top off the capsule.

Photo by Jolanda Jansma

Rick Pope gets the top off the capsule.

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  • Sammy Cheek lifts the Fort Craig time capsule out of the ground on Saturday.
  • Andrew Raulston finds his name on the outside of the capsule. He later found a self portrait he when he was in first grade, the year the capsule was buried.
  • Dr. Ramona Best, Olivia Leonard and Jackson Shue look over a book about Fort Craig they wrote.
  • Fort Craig teacher Libby Hurst gets dunked by her students at the Fort Craig festival.
  • GoGirl gets some attention from Jewel Schmidt and Audrey Howe at the Fort Craig festival where they also opened the 25-year-old time capsule.
  • Yum! Lulu Atwood is proud of the cake she won at the Cakewalk.
  • Chris Legaux and former Fort Craig  principal David Berry get ready to saw open the capsule.
  • Shaun Love was a Fort Craig student in 1986 when the capsule was buried.
  • Rick Pope gets the top off the capsule.
  • Alumni and teachers look over the contents of the Fort Craig time capsule.

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