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Elementary Basketball Championships 2009

See larger Emma Rothery gets set at the free-throw line.

Photo by Brandon Shinn

Emma Rothery gets set at the free-throw line.

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  • Alcoa Elementary girls basketball coach Jason Boyd celebrates with a jubilant group of Lady Tornadoes after Alcoa won the American Conference championship at the Blount County Elementary Basketball Tournament last week at Heritage Middle School.
  • The Lady Settlers raise their National Conference championship trophy.
  • The Porter Panthers storm the floor after winning the American Conference championship.
  • Members of the National Conference All-Tournament Team includes: Allayna Martin (Montvale); Maggie Bell (Union Grove); Madison Everett (Walland); Hannah Fuller, Brittany Daniels, Stephanie Lewis (Middlesettlements); Abby Jones, Emma Rothery (Townsend). Not pictured Madison Everett (Walland).
  • Members of the American Conference All-Tournament team includes: Abbey McGuire (Eagleton); Torrie Ogle, Riley Hicks, McKenzie Thompson (Alcoa); Molly Capps, Emily Capps (Porter); Shania Leonard, Madi Haynes (Madisonville). Not pictured Abbey McGuire (Eagleton).
  • Members of the American Conference All-Tournament Team inlcudes: Ayden Gist, Chandler Clark, Calvin Keeble (Porter); Damion Love, J.P. Peyton (Alcoa); Bradley Boling, Jeremiah Murrell (Mary Blount); Tyler Woods (Madisonville).
  • The National Conference All-Tournament Team includes: Nicholas Jennings (Maryville Christian School); Dillon Hughes, Ian Raines (Union Grove); Codey Phillips (Lanier); Chandler Cupp, Logan Cogburn, Cole Swanner (Middlesettlements); Darrian Ellison (Walland).
  • The Middlesettlements Settlers go wild in celebration after winning the National Conference championship at the Blount County Elementary Basketball Tournament.
  • Jeylen Myers of Alcoa readies on the block for a Porter free-throw attempt.
  • The Tornadoes J.P. Peyton is surrounded by Porters Chandler Clark and Levi Burnett.
  • Alcoa’s Madison McClurg flies in for the block on Madisonville’s Shania Leonard.
  • The Lady Braves’ Madi Haynes pushes the ball up court.
  • Alcoa Elementary coach Jason Boyd looks on as the Lady Tornadoes sink a key, late basket.
  • Madisonville’s Megan Millsaps brings the ball up court against Alcoa’s Riley Hicks.
  • Avery Kyle puts up a layup against an unidentified Panther.
  • Alcoa’s Austin Ensly threads the needle between a pair of Porter Panthers.
  • Porter’s Calvin Keeble drives the ball upcourt against Alcoa’s Austin Ensly and Avery Kyle.
  • The Alcoa Elementary Lady Tornadoes raise the American Conference championship trophy after the game.
  • Union Groves’ Dillon Hughes starts the break as Middlesettlements’ Cole Swanner gives chase.
  • Settlers guard Logan Cogburn goes up along the baseline against Union Grove.
  • Ian Raines of Union Grove puts up two avoiding the Settlers’ Landon Roberts.
  • The Settlers pose with their championship hardware.
  • The Settlers Chandler Cupp scored a game-high 21 points in the title game.
  • Cole Swanner puts up two of his 17 points for Middlesettlements.
  • Hannah Fuller takes aim for Middlesettlements.
  •  Townsend guard Gracie Burns calls the play for the Tigers.
  • Emma Rothery gets set at the free-throw line.
  • Lady Settlers forward Abby Sunshine works up the baseline against Townsend’s Haley Carnes.
  • Middlesettlements’ Stephanie Lewis goes up over Townsend’s Haley Carnes.
  • Abby Sunshine eyes the rim at the free-throw line as Middlesettlements teammate Hannah Fuller gets ready for the shot.
  • The Lady Settlers Brittany Daniels sets to fire against Townsend.
  • Middlesettements’ Hannah Fuller protects the ball against Townsend’s Gracie Burns.

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