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Ed Mitchell Watermelon Splitting

See smaller Eddie and Doris Johnson enjoy some watermelon.

Photo by Jolanda Jansma

Eddie and Doris Johnson enjoy some watermelon.

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  • Supporting Ed Mitchell in his run for county mayor, are from left, DeeDee McGhee, Jonathan Payne, Somphet Meiller, Anita Bales and Eddie Meiller.
  • Enjoying the afternoon are, from left, Art Swann, candidate for the Republican nomination for State Representative District 8; Keith Law, owner of Law’s Brickmill Market; Ed Mitchell, Republican candidate for county mayor; and Doris Johnson.
  • Showing up to show support for Ed Mitchell are, from left, Mike Helton and Rindi and D.L. Martin.
  • Eddie and Doris Johnson enjoy some watermelon.
  • Mike Helton, left, Paul Bales and Kim Mitchell are all smiles during Ed Mitchell’s watermelon split event.
  • Ed Mitchell, left, Republican candidate for Blount County mayor, and Paul Bales, his campaign manager goof off while chomping down on some watermelon.
  • Scott Helton, Blount County commissioner for District 6-B, enjoys some watermelon.

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