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Eagleton Little League

See larger Legging easily into second.

Legging easily into second.

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  • The way Abby Townsends stays down on a ground ball is impressive.
  • A play at the plate can get physical at any age level.
  • Lefty are prized where baseball is played.
  • Getting there with time to spare before the throw.
  • Exchanging handshakes afterward is the best way of instilling sportsmanship.
  • Eagleton Little League softball players pose for a photo with Tennessee Diamonds general manager Sarah Fekete, at rear.
  • Should he stay ore should he go?
  • Locked in and ready to drive one.
  • This pitch could really be going places.
  • Making solid contact feels good at any age.
  • Good form on the mound starts to show at an early age.
  • A close play at third looks imminent.
  • A close pitch in on the hands hits the mitt.
  •  Pitcher Chloe Ward fires to first after fielding the ball.
  • Bending the knees to scoop up a ground ball gets it done for Lauren McCroskey.
  • Staying back works all the time.
  • Locked in on home plate and ready to go.
  • Getting  there just ahead of the throw put a run in scoring position.
  • A cool head and looking things over tells you when it’s best to go.
  • Legging easily into second.
  • Head down, swing through the ball.
  • Expertly teasing a cap is a timeless skill.

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