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Alcoa State Soccer

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(Alcoa player No. 1)

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  • Alcoa High School goalkeeper Adrian Womac and defender Dusty McClanahan, facing, celebrate with a mid-air hug after the Tornadoes’ penalty-kick triumph over No. 1-ranked Chattanooga Christian in a Class A/AA state tournament opener.
  • Alcoa junior Derrick Brodus heads the ball by the Chattanooga Christian defense in the Tornadoes’ state tournament opener with the No. 1-ranked Warriors. Brodus’ first half shot would miss just wide, but Alcoa, making its first state tournament appearance, would prevail in the match of the tournament, 1-1 (6-5), in a sudden-death, penalty-kick shootout.
  • Alcoa High School senior Matt Franklin (7) takes in the penalty-kick shootout against Chattanooga Christian as a trio of Tornadoes simply can’t watch.
  • Alcoa High School senior Adrian Womac awaits the start of a penalty-kick shootout with No. 1-ranked Chattanooga Christian at the Class A/AA state soccer tournament last Wednesday in Murfreesboro.
  • Senior Matt Franklin takes a throw-in during the championship match on Saturday.
  • Freshman Austin Stone bent one like Beckham in the second half, pulling Alcoa even with Christian Academy of Knoxville at 2-all.
  • Senior Andrew Mitchell delivers an opening goal in the first 10 minutes as Alcoa takes a quick, 1-0 lead.
  • Alcoa coach Tom Gorman walks to the Tornado bench prior the A/AA state championship match at the Richard Siegel Soccer Complex.
  • The Alcoa and Christian Academy of Knoxville soccer teams meet at midfield for a prayer prior to the state championship match.
  • Alcoa senior Sam Thompson, right, is the victim of a hard foul in the state tournament opener against No. 1-ranked Chattanooga Christian.
  • (Alcoa player No. 1)
  • Alcoa sophomore Jonathan Burkhalter (13) gets in on the action in the state championship match.
  • Alcoa senior Andrew Mitchell slumps into the arms of waiting teammates after giving the Tornadoes a 1-0 lead in the championship match.
  • Tornado midfielder Eric Lusinger (5) wheels for the ball in the opener with Chattanooga Christian.
  • Alcoa's Harrison Powell (9) attempts a steal against Christian Academy.
  • Alcoa junior Derrick Brodus slides behind a Charger defender in the A/AA state soccer tournament.
  • Alcoa's Derrick Brodus fakes out a Chattanooga Christian and makes for the goal at Richard Siegel Soccer Complex in Murfreesboro.
  • Alcoa coach Tom Gorman tapes the ankle of one of his players during the state championship match.
  • Senior Sam Thompson traps the ball off his chest in the A/AA state championship match.
  • Alcoa's Eric Lusinger, rear, battles for the ball with a Chattanooga Christian defender in the state soccer tournament in Murfreesboro.
  • The Alcoa bench erupts after senior Matt Franklin scores what looks like the winning goal as the horn sounds at the end of regulation in the state tournament opener with top-ranked Chattanooga Christian. Officials would reverse themselves and disallow the goal after the linesman ruled the ball had not crossed the goal line before the horn. After two 10-minute overtimes and two, five-minute, sudden-death overtimes, the Tornadoes would prevail, 1-1(6-5), in penalty-kick shootout.
  • Chattanooga Christian goalkeeper Josh Blomberg reacts after an apparent goal from Alcoa senior Matt Franklin looks to have decided the A/AA state tournament opener between the two teams.
  • Alcoa goalkeeper Adrian Womac comes up with a save during the penalty-kick shootout.
  • Alcoa's David Ramirez tackles Tornado coach Tom Gorman after Alcoa upsets No. 1-ranked Chattanooga Christian in a state tournament opener.
  • Alcoa senior Dusty McClanahan (21) defends against Christian Academy of Knoxville in the state championship game as Tornado teammate Matt Franklin trails the play.
  • Junior Derrick Brodus megs the ball through the legs of a Christian Academy defender.
  • Senior Sam Thompson and David Ramirez get a drink between overtimes during Alcoa's state tournament opener.
  • Andrew Mitchell fights for the ball with a pair of Warrior defenders in the championship game.
  • Match officials discuss Matt Franklin's goal at the end of regulation in Alcoa's state tournament opener. The potential-winning goal would be disallowed for not crossing the goal line before the horn sounded.
  • Freshman Austin Stone takes a direct kick and bends the ball over the wall for one of the best goals of the season in the championship game.
  • Austin Stone is mugged by his Alcoa teammates after Stone's tying goal in the second half.
  • Dusty McClanahan (21) Alcoa coach Tom Gorman and Derrick Brodus (12) lead the charge as the Tornadoes race onto the field after the win over top-ranked Chattanooga Christian.
  • Goalkeeper Adrian Womac leaves the field after the shootout win.
  • Alcoa junior James Chinn (8) and Dusty McClanahan celebrate the win over Chattanooga Christian.
  • Alcoa's Dustin McClanahan is congratulated by a Tornado fan.
  • Senior Sam Thompson steps into a kick against Christian Academy of Knoxville.
  • Sam Thompson gets up for a header as Alcoa teammate Julian Ramirez (22) assists the play.
  • Alcoa coach Tom Gorman, foreground, and Christian Academy of Knoxville coach Tom Gerlach meet at midfield after the championship match.
  • Alcoa seniors Dusty McClanahan, Matt Franklin, Sam Thompson, Andrew Mitchell and Adrian Womac, left to right, collect the runner-up trophy after the A/AA state championship match.

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