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Alcoa Little League

See larger Getting off a quick throw to first.

Getting off a quick throw to first.

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  • The smile says it all.
  • The technique on display here is as good as it gets.
  • Attention to detail, even when it comes to sand piles, is always important.
  • Focus shines through in T-ball.
  • Feeling the intensity.
  • Plating a run sure makes a ball player feel good.
  • Laying in a high, hard one.
  • High-level discussions at first base.
  • The infield in T-ball can get a little crowded.
  • They are, after all, just kids.
  • It’s OK to play in the sand with a teammate looking out for you.
  • Running down a grounder on the infield.
  • It’s going to be real close at first.
  • Ready to make a break for home.
  • A high five is welcome reward for bringing home a run.
  • Safely aboard.
  • They don’t always run the right way in T-ball, but they do run.
  • Holding up on a high one can be a tough thing to do.
  • Even for the youngest leagues the plays at first are close.
  • All-out effort still brings with it the best rewards.
  • The scary thing about this photo is Giants pitcher Ryan Clark, on the bag, is only a sixth-grader.
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  • A smooth swing counts, even hitting off the T.
  • Sometimes words aren’t necessary.
  • Getting off a quick throw to first.
  • Legging it out to first after a hit.
  • The express is on its way to the plate.
  • Full extension but just out of reach.
  • Hank Aaron once hit off the tee, too.

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