Between The Lines: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Katniss Everdeen’s world is crumbling around her. Her father is dead, she distrusts her mother, and now she is a tribute in the Capitol’s annual Hunger Games — a psychopathic game created by the Capitol to remind all of the Districts how much power the Capitol holds over them. The Hunger Games are designed to put fear into their hearts.

Fear is one reaction to the games, but so is loathing and hatred. It stirs in the districts one by one as families lose beloved children each year. All they need is something, or someone, to lead them, to start the revolution that would end the reign of tyranny.

People talk about getting out, running away. Where? They don’t know. But the thought is always in the back of their minds. Katniss is one of the worst for this, but she has to keep in check what she says in public, what she says in front of people she wishes she could trust, but knows she can’t in the world she lives in.

The restricted woods beside District 12 are her only safe haven, the only place where she can speak her thoughts about the Capitol freely to her best friend, Gale, who shares her opinionss. Gale is even stronger in her beliefs that Katniss is. Still, she has to do what she must to keep her friends and family safe.

Katniss knows she must keep her family safe, and if that means beating the baker’s son, Peeta, in the Games, so be it. To make matters worse, Peeta has always been kind to her, and she feels an undying connection between herself and Peeta, even though they have only had a few words between them. Her connection to him is there, and it is ever present in her mind. Survival over death. Love over life. Family over love. Which will she choose?

Suzanne Collins’ book is absolutely captivating from the very first page. The plot satisfies the hunger of both guys and girls with action, romance, conflict and the ever-present teen rebellion, even if it is a step farther than the ordinary.

The author opens us up to a new world, a world that, scary as it is, we could still imagine happening. Once the book is open, it will be excruciatingly hard to close it.

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