Dear Readers: Blount Today to close

Dear Readers,

It is with deep sadness that we announce to you today that this Thursday will be the last edition of Blount Today. The reason for our closing is, of course, financial. It is no surprise to anyone that newspapers are having a hard time these days. Blount Today never fully recovered from the revenue we lost when real estate in Blount County took a beating. We hung in as long as we could, but the decision was made this week to close the paper.

Closing a newspaper is always a painful thing, but even more so when that newspaper is as much a part of the community as Blount Today has become in the past seven years. We tried so very hard to consistently offer a vivid snapshot of life in this community. I believe we raised the bar in Blount County and that this community was better served because Blount Today came along.

In the beginning, Blount Today asked you, the readers, to tell us what you wanted and what we could do for you. We invested in this community with our time and talents, our financial resources and our news space. In return, you gave us your praise, your love and your loyalty. Your kind words and response to our stories and our photographs have always been liberally given. You have invited us into your homes, to your events, asked us to be a part of your lives. We have had a great time with you, and then we shared those good times with our neighbors in print.

This community and I, personally, have been so blessed to have had the team that puts out Blount Today be a part of our lives. They are talented, dedicated and hard working, and they truly love this newspaper. You have seen twice a week what wonders they can do. I look forward to seeing what mountains they climb in the next chapters of their lives.

It is very difficult to say goodbye, and even writers sometimes just can’t find the right words to write. But I have a maxim that I recite some part of every day, and, though not original, it seems to be the best way to end our time together:

Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.

We have done that every week at Blount Today. And we have been a part of something that we will always be able to point to with pride. Thank you for taking the journey with us. May God bless you.

Sherri Gardner Howell


Blount Today

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wakeupmaryville writes:

It's a sad day for everyone in Blount County. Now we have to wake up to the phooey that the *?ily tim&%'s prints everyday. Its horrible to think that a newspaper with only interest in the community around them gets cut before big brother, who only has political interest in mind, and manages to publish 50% AP & Wire stories that nobody really cares about.I suppose this is what our country is coming to. Kill the smaller local businesses so the big ones can thrive.

I think that all the staff at the Blount Today did a wonderful job at showing a different perspective of the world at which we live in. This community WILL NOT be the same with out them and it goes to show that there needs to be some restructuring of our local newspapers for any of them to survive.

Manfrommaryville writes:

Any chance you can ditch the bricks & morter and the paper edition and go pure electronic? Blount Today closing would be a true loss to the communnity!

Elroy_Jetson writes:

Nice Job. Sincerely, Thank you from all of your online readers.

Gardenfun writes:

Sad to hear no more Blount Today. I looked forward to seeing all the local events twice weekly .National news is old by the time it gets to paper. Will definitely miss all the great features and the staff that seems like family .

Floydthebarber writes:

Dang Sherry! Just when you all were gettin started and whoopin the tar out ot the Daily \Times. Earnest T is going to get the itchy bowel over this. I'll have cuszin Billy break the news to him becuz he might mess up the barber shop if I tellem. Need to tell the big shots over at the big paper this ant going to be good for them. They might as well just give the Daily times the market and forget Blount County.

firepink writes:

I will miss you Sherri. I hope to read columns by you somewhere again real soon.