Hypothesis is ‘true:’ Winners showcase critical thinking at county Science Fair

Jordan Riddle, eighth grade, Heritage Middle School, stands with her fifth place entry in the Physical category.

Photo by Jolanda Jansma

Jordan Riddle, eighth grade, Heritage Middle School, stands with her fifth place entry in the Physical category.

Science was the order of the day at Heritage High School when the 2011 Blount County Schools Annual Science Fair showcased projects from 17 elementary schools and middle schools on Monday, Feb. 28.

Blount County Schools director Rob Britt said he was impressed with what he saw from the students. “It was outstanding in terms of the students’ projects. You can really see the products of learning that is displayed in the development of those projects by our young people,” he said. “I was just really impressed with the high level of thinking and how they went through the scientific process in developing those projects.”

The competition showcased approximately 120 students representing 13 elementary schools and four middle schools. The event was divided into the biological division and physical division. Students’ projects and experiments were judged on creativity, researching skills, thoroughness and dramatic value.

First through fifth place awards were given in each of the two divisions at each grade level, 4th through 8th. All students received a certificate of participation.

Organizers gave a special thank you to Vulcan Materials who supported the Science Fair through the Blount County Education Foundation by giving money to purchase trophies for the event. Susan Stout and Janet Gilson of the Blount County Education Foundation and Carl Van Hoosier of Vulcan were recognized for their support of the Blount County Social Studies and Science Fairs.

The event was sponsored by the Talented and Gifted Program, a division of the Special Education Department of Blount County Schools. The event coordinators were Diane Bain, TAG Program Coordinator/teacher, and Tina Simmerly, Fairview Elementary teacher and extended contract for the Academic Events Calendar of the TAG Program.

Winners were:

Fourth Grade Biological

•First place - Ethan Hathcock (Porter)

•Second place - Abby-Hope Sloan (Townsend)

•Third place - Caden Breeden (Middlesettlements)

•Fourth place - Morgan Kessler (Montvale)

•Fifth place - Andrew Campbell (Fairview)

Fourth Grade Physical

•First place - Dylan Bryant (Middlesettlements)

•Second place - Tycho Barnard (Mary Blount)

•Third place - Landon Davis (Porter)

•Fourth place - Carolyne Koella (Townsend)

•Fifth place - Madison Thompson (Walland)

Fifth Grade Biological

•First place - Hallie Deel (Fairview)

•Second place - Jacob Bailey (Middlesettlements)

•Third place - Anna LaFollette (Porter)

•Fourth place - James Hatcher (Rockford)

•Fifth place - Emma Daniels (Carpenters Elementary)

Fifth Grade Physical

•First place - Savannah Dyer (Mary Blount)

•Second place - Ashley Preast (Friendsville)

•Third place - Will Hartman (Union Grove Elementary)

•Fourth place - Kaylee Gray (Carpenters Elementary)

•Fifth place - Breanna Hamon (Fairview)

Sixth Grade Biological

•First place - Halli Carnes (Heritage Middle)

•Second place - Abby Jones (Heritage Middle)

•Third place - Conner Moyers (Heritage Middle)

•Fourth place - Rebecca Bradley (Carpenters Middle)

•Fifth place - Regan Taylor (Eagleton Middle)

Sixth Grade Physical

•First place - James Benson (Heritage Middle)

•Second place - Amanda Smith (Eagleton Middle)

•Third place - Jacob Mead (Carpenters Middle)

•Fourth place - Jackson Beason (Heritage Middle)

•Fifth place - Noah Jones (Union Grove Middle)

Seventh Grade Biological

•First place - Mikayla Combs (Carpenters Middle)

•Second place - Kailey Hedrick (Heritage Middle)

•Third place - Chris Fernandez (Carpenters Middle)

•Fourth place - Sarah Curtis (Union Grove Middle)

•Fifth place - Harrison Taylor (Heritage Middle)

Seventh Grade Physical

•First place - Grace Koella (Heritage Middle)

•Second place - Anna Hathcock (Heritage Middle)

•Third place - Luke Kokolak (Heritage Middle)

•Fourth place - Colton Botchler (Carpenters Middle)

•Fifth place - Natalie White (Union Grove Middle)

Eighth Grade Biological

•First place - Natalie Woliver (Heritage Middle)

•Second place - Trista Holder (Heritage Middle)

•Third place - Andrea Joyan (Eagleton Middle)

•Fourth place - Mindy Reagen (Carpenters Middle)

•Fifth place - Rebekah Warner (Eagleton Middle)

Eighth Grade Physical

•First place - Collin Bentley (Carpenters Middle)

•Second place - Brian Testerman (Eagleton Middle)

•Third place - Kailyn Bailey (Carpenters Middle)

•Fourth place - Andrew Curtis (Union Grove Middle)

•Fifth place - Jordan Riddle (Heritage Middle)

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