Snow fun

You just have to find your inner-child…

Tyler Mohr gets a little “air” as he makes his run.

Photo by Jolanda Jansma

Tyler Mohr gets a little “air” as he makes his run.

Ok, on so many fronts, it was a pain. We’re tired of snow. We’re tired of the stress of not knowing whether or not we can get out of the driveway, whether it’s even worth it to open our restaurant, shop or office. School’s out, again, and the Christmas toys have lost some of their “newness.”

I was totally with you as the Grinch who hates snow on Monday, as I sloshed and slid to work, did a 180 in the parking lot and was pretty much the only human I saw all day long.

But sloshing home, I glanced over to a hill on the left. The packed snow was crisscrossed with sled marks and packed down from sled discs. The hill looked like a rainbow as the children all held up sleds and discs of every color, making their runs up and down the hill.

I turned around and went back for a second look, slowing and cracking the window to hear the peals of laughter and shouts.

And, as happens so often when a Grinch is confronted with unbridled joy, the green gloom slid away, and the beauty of the snow showed all around.

Jolanda Jansma, a true snow bunny who does crazy things like drive to Tremont for an assignment I wanted to cancel and then come home and wander around town embracing more snow fun, captured the joy of the snow in these Blount Today photographs.

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