A ‘manly man’: Win a Man Cave in Denver Hunt promotion

Got a room in your house that would make the perfect Man Cave? A contest starts today, Thursday, Feb. 17, that will give one lucky Blount County homeowner the opportunity to have a room in his house remodeled into the ultimate Man Cave.

Denver Hunt Company marketing and sales director Joe Lambert said he got the idea after watching a DIY television show and thought it would work well in Blount County.

“Denver Hunt does remodeling, and nobody around here has really pushed the idea of renovating a room into a Man Cave, which are very popular. I thought a contest would be a good marketing idea and a way help our company,” he said. “The whole goal is to let people know we can do this type of project.”

Company owner Denver Hunt said a good candidate to win this contest is someone who has always wanted a room for relaxing and recreation. “They may want to redo a room that is not in use currently or a room they use all the time,” he said.

Hunt said that he would expect the project to be finished within a month of when the winner is chosen.

Lambert said complete rules for the contest will be available on the Denver Hunt website. Basic rules are that the winner has to be at least 18 years old, own their own home and be a resident of Blount County.

“The space needs to be large enough for us to work with,” explained Lambert. “We can put in drywall, floor coverings and surround sounds - all these are possible -- but the space has to be workable. It can’t be a shed. It needs to be a part of a structure, and the space needs electricity running into the room. If they want some kind of bar with a sink, we need access to the plumbing.”

Lambert said those factors will come into play when choosing what space will make the best Man Cave. Each entry must contain a 250-word or less explanation of what space they have.

“The more detailed they are and the more they explain what they have and what they would like to do with the space, the better their chances are of winning,” said Lambert.

Lambert said as far as the dollar figure amount, the total worth of the Man Cave, with labor, supplies and accessories will depend on what is needed to complete the project. “It may require a basic job, or it may require a lot of work. Man Caves can get pretty elaborate, so I’m not even sure what would be considered an average price for all the things we are going to do. We feel the value of the package will be around $12,500,” he said.

Lambert said this promotion would be a good opportunity for homeowners who are already planning to renovate. “You can do a lot of things. There maybe people who have already been thinking about doing something but haven’t had the right opportunity,” he said. “There may be some people who can take what we’re putting into it and expand that with their own money if they want to add more than what we are offering.

While Denver Hunt can handle the remodeling, other area businesses are bringing their own specialties to the table. Partners in the Man Cave Giveaway are Anderson Lumber Company, Ledbetter Electronics, Gillenwater Flooring and Games & Things. Media sponsors are Blount Today and ESPN Radio.

Denver Hunt said it was important to him they get partners who were Blount County businesses.

“Being a local company of 30 years, we wanted to showcase other local businesses who have been here a long time and have an investment in this community,” said Hunt. “Companies like Anderson Lumber Company and Ledbetter Electronics have been around a long time and support Blount County,” he said. “Gillenwater isn’t as old as we are, but they are very well respected. Those are the things we looked at in choosing who to ask to be partners with us in the project. We all have the same goal in mind and know how to treat our local folks in Blount County.”

Lambert said having partners was key to making the promotion happen. “The only business outside of Blount County is Games and Things because we don’t currently have a business like that here,” said Lambert. “They have pool tables and ping-pong tables, which can be a part of a good Man Cave. All the other partners are Blount County people and companies. We’re big on helping Blount County businesses help each other, and we are so appreciative of the partners. We hope this benefits them as much as it does us.”

Hunt said he’s excited to be involved in the promotion. “Being in business, one of the biggest things I enjoy is seeing the satisfaction of the client, so this project will be a lot of fun,” he said.

The giveaway will be run on two levels. Entry forms will be available Thursday, Feb. 17, on the Denver Hunt Company website, at the Blount Today office and in Blount Today’s Thursday paper on Feb. 24. Submitted forms must be filled out correctly and meet all requirements of eligibility. Rules can be found at www.denverhunt.com. Each contestant will have to submit 250 words or less explanation of the space available and what you would want your personal Man Cave to look like such as theme, layout, etc. Entries can be filled out online through the Denver Hunt Company website, dropped off at Denver Hunt Company or Blount Today offices or mailed to Denver Hunt, 217 Southdowne Drive, Maryville, TN 37801. All entries are due by Friday, March 11.

From the submitted entries, judges from the media will choose four finalists. The four finalist will be introduced in Blount Today. In addition, each of the Final Four finalists will be filmed by Blount Today in a 3 minute “webisode” in his or her “space,” giving the vision of what the Man Cave will look like and why they deserve to win. The webisodes will be posted on Blount Today’s website for the public to vote for their favorite finalist from March 17 through March 28. The winner will be announced in Blount Today and on the Denver Hunt and Blount Today websites on Thursday, March 31.

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