ESPN Radio/Blount Today Sports Radio offer many options in bringing gridiron action to fans

Blount Today Sports Radio team of Joe Lambert, left, and Marty Millsaps, seen here at a 2010 Pep Rally on the Patio, will be back to cover Blount County sports this season.

Blount Today Sports Radio team of Joe Lambert, left, and Marty Millsaps, seen here at a 2010 Pep Rally on the Patio, will be back to cover Blount County sports this season.

Whether Alcoa and Blount County high school football fans are dialing in or downloading, they can listen in on their team’s games from across the county or around the world, thanks to the partnership between ESPN Radio Knoxville AM 1180/1120 and Blount Today Sports Radio.

Matt Veigl, sales director for ESPN Radio Knoxville, said while AM radio is still one way people can use to hear the games in the community, it is far from the only way and not the clearest way to enjoy the . Through downloadable applications, or apps, listeners can use their computers and/or smart phones to access ESPN Radio Knoxville’s signal anywhere on the globe.

“People say, ‘You’re AM radio, but we’re so much more than that,” said Veigl. “Anywhere on Earth, literally, if you have some sort of Edge, 3-G , 4-G WiFi signal, you can get the signal and stream it using different apps or applications. When you get into the app, select ESPN Radio Knoxville, and it will start. You can run that on any phone as long as it has internet access.”

While some apps can be downloaded free, others must be paid for before they are installed. Apps like Shoutcast are free to download and install. Veigl agreed to do a short tutorial on the ways to listen to Blount County and Alcoa football with the Blount Today Sports Radio crew of Marty Millsaps, Joe Lambert, Dave Bennett, Lauren Curbow, Heath Dunkel, Marty Wallace, McKenzie Sherman and Robbie Lotts, along with the ESPN Radio pre-game shows.

For those wishing to use the traditional radio signal, you can still tune to 1180 AM or 1120 AM to hear ESPN Knoxville and Blount Today Sports Radio. The two stations will have weaker signals on traditional radio after 8:30 p.m. However, a new partnership with WKVL AM 850 will offer yet another option for those who want to listen to the games the “traditional” way. WKVL AM 850 is a 50,000-watt giant and is here in Blount County, said Millsaps. They will also broadcast the games being done on ESPN 1180 to ensure that those wanting to listen ‘on the radio’ will have a strong option. The relationship with ESPN and Classic Country WKVL only strengthens what we’ve already been doing the previous four years on Blount Today sports radio.”

While Blount Today Sports Radio will broadcast many of the Maryville Rebel games as well as being the primary station for the Tornadoes and the two county teams, the official Rebel station is WGAP AM 1400 out of Clinton.

The new ways to listen to “radio” are attracting many young listeners, said Millsaps, but traditional radio listeners seem to become fans as soon as they try it. “I have speakers set up on my computer at home, and the sound is incredible. On my Iphone, Shoutcast has been a great way to listen.”

Veigl said listening to Blount Today Sports Radio via ESPN Radio Knoxville on the web always provides some surprises as to who the listeners are. “It is great if dad or mom are travelling and can’t be at a game or if grandparents can’t get out of the house,” said Veigl. “And the military overseas who want to keep up with their home schools find it every week, especially if they have family members playing on a Blount County team. They can listen live and in real time. It literally has limitless potential.”

The “on demand” of app technology also provides a way for those who are at the game -- or who are at one game and wondering about another team -- to catch up long after the field lights are off.

“We can podcast a game,” said Veigl. “If they don’t want to listen to it on Friday because they’re out with friends, then, on Saturday morning when they go out to cut the grass, they can put on their headphones and listen to the game.”

Veigl said technology has created an ability for people to live in an “on-demand” world when it comes to information. “You want to hear something the way you want to hear it and that’s what we’re providing. You have unlimited access whenever you like,” he said. People can listen to a game live, later in the day, later in the week, or they can listen to last week’s game on the way to this week’s game. “That is what we’re out to do -- provide people what they want, when and where they want it.”

For Blount Today, the educational component for the high schools was also important, which the partnership with ESPN radio and the Alcoa Tornadoes is also enhancing.

Veigl said ESPN Radio Knoxville will also be working with students in the schools. “We feel it is going to open opportunities for not only people to listen and pay attention to sports and information in their community, it is going to help students get experience in new technology in the ever changing world of how people get information,” he said. “What we are really excited about is having students in Alcoa and the Blount County School System assist us while at the same time they’re learning,” he said. “We’re giving them an opportunity they may not otherwise have.”

Veigl and ESPN Radio Knoxville owner Jason Bailey recently toured Alcoa High School with Josh Stephens, Alcoa High School athletic director, and Blount Today’s Marty Millsaps. “Getting a tour of the school, the media program is unbelievable for a high school level, and we were blown away by what they can already do,” said Veigl. “We are excited about working with them.”

Here is Veigl’s tutorial on the ways to listen to ESPN Radio:


• Go to the Shoutcast app:

In the app, search “ESPN Radio Knoxville” and select it.

Download (it’s free).

Android devices:

• Go to app download: TuneWiki or Shoutcast at or

In the app, search “ESPN Radio Knoxville” and select it.


Blackberry devices:

• Go to app download: TuneWiki at

In the app, search “ESPN Radio Knoxville” and select it.


On iTunes:

• Open iTunes window and select “Radio” from “Library.”

Select “Sports Radio” category and “ESPN Radio Knoxville.”

On your computer:


Select “Listen Live” - flash software required.

For questions and to learn more about ESPN Radio Knoxville, contact Veigl at

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