Goodbye to Eeyore

Eeyore, the basset hound that was part of the family of Michael and Brenda Davis, shows off his sheriff’s outfit in this photo.

Eeyore, the basset hound that was part of the family of Michael and Brenda Davis, shows off his sheriff’s outfit in this photo.

When Michael and Brenda Davis came to the Blount Today office, the team didn’t immediately recognize them. As soon as they said the magic word, however, recognition was immediate:


Of course Eeyore was familiar. The good-natured basset hound has been on the pages of Blount Today’s Snapshots many times, as well as featured in photographs taken around town for fundraisers for the Blount County Humane Society, ArfNets, parades, Easter Egg hunts and many other community events.

Eeyore had a real “nose” for fundraising for good causes, and he was always dressed for the part. Sometimes he was a bunny, a sheriff’s officer, a Santa helper, a clown or a dragon. Whatever part he had to play, Eeyore was always walking proudly on his short little legs, that tail wagging even with the basset hound signature droop of his ears.

But Michael and Brenda were on a different mission last week. They brought with them the very sad news that Eeyore had died.

Eeyore came to be a part of the Davis family when he was just an 8-week-old puppy in the late summer of 2000. Born on Aug. 14 of that year, he was approaching his 11th birthday when he died on July 23. Michael called him his “little boy,” and he and Brenda loved and pampered Eeyore from the time he joined their family.

Eeyore’s death was unexpected, said Michael. He had just had a clean bill of health from the vet days before. Everything looked good until he began having problems that evening. Rushed to the emergency vet clinic, Eeyore wasn’t able to recover.

The Davis’ have put a Facebook page for Eeyore for people to share their memories of the sweet, man-about-town basset hound. Visit it on Facebook by searching for Eeyore Davis.

Michael has written a personal tribute to Eeyore, an effort, he said to try to heal his broken heart. That tribute is below.

Eeyore Cooper Davis

8/14/2000 to 7/23/2011

By Michael Davis

Eeyore, the basset hound belonging to Michael and Brenda Davis, was a familiar face for many in Blount County. The beloved pet died suddenly on July 23.

Eeyore, the basset hound belonging to Michael and Brenda Davis, was a familiar face for many in Blount County. The beloved pet died suddenly on July 23.

Life was way too short. If you could have a few more sniffs at the park and a few more pets on the head… A few more alone times with us. Life as we know it will be changed forever. There is a hole in our hearts that will never be filled by anyone or anything.

Yes, we have millions of happy memories. But then it hits us that the memories are just that, memories. We want to make new memories with you, but we can't. So life stops for now, and I don't know when it will start again.

Your long, soft ears, beautiful brown eyes, and that little bit of drool at the corner of your mouth is like looking at heaven. I can't think about tomorrow without you; it hurts too bad. I can't look at the couch because you aren't there.

Thinking back to when we would go to one of your favorite parks, you standing with front paws on the console and back feet on the backseat of your truck. You anticipate the smells at the park, getting to see all your friends, K-9 and human. Eeyore, you never failed to bring a smile to anyone's face, even those who looked like their faces would break if they smiled. Everyone could see the love in your eyes. Eeyore truly loved everyone he met and never forgot anyone.

When Eeyore got home from the park, he liked to stretch out on the couch and nudge daddy's hand for a quick pet before his nap. As I watched, he would kick and bark while sleeping, dreaming of the park, chasing sticks and running and playing. He really liked to chew old water bottles until he got the cap off.

We miss hearing the little taps of Eeyore's fee walking down the hallway to meet us at lunch and when we came home from work. In the evening, Eeyore would sit and look out the front door, and, if a cat came by, he would give it a piece of his mind. Eeyore gave the squirrels in the backyard a good chase, too. Eeyore really loved his one-on-one time with mom and dad, getting his ears rubbed and a good back scratch from mom. Watching TV with dad was great while mom cleaned the house. Eeyore always counted his toys to make sure they were all still there.

If you don't know Eeyore's name, you have probably still seen him. He knew every sniffing inch of the parks in town. If you missed him on the trails, you could have seen him as Mr. April in the Leadership Blount calendar for Wilderwood calendar. He has been in television commercials and was also in the Daily Times calendar. Eeyore was voted Most Popular Pet in the Daily Times contest. Eeyore has been on TV a couple of times for the Mardi Growl Parade, and he has been on WBIR-Channel 10 news a couple of times. Eeyore was also in Knoxville Magazine. Eeyore has come in first in many costume contests dressed as a clown, cowboy sheriff, dragon, bumble bee and a Mardi Growl character. At the Easter Egg Hunts with ArfNets, he had his bunny ears on and would kiss the babies' hands. Eeyore was featured in Blount Today many times and also on the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Eeyore is a proud supporter of the Blount County Humane Society's No Kill Shelter cause he wants to help save the lives of all his friends.

We would like to give a special thank you to Dr. Rosemary Jones and all of her staff for all of the personal and loving care that they gave Eeyore. We would also like to thank Dr. Mark Hall from Blount Vet and Amanda from Amanda's Pet Salon.

Eeyore has a Facebook page to record our memories of him. Go to and search for Eeyore Davis.

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