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Jamey Blair in her new bakery, Sister Heart Sweets

Photo by Jolanda Jansma

Jamey Blair in her new bakery, Sister Heart Sweets

Jamey Blair

Married to Jason Blair

Children: Lucas, 12, and Garner Lee, 5

Life is a bit sweeter for Jamey Blair.

She spends most days preparing sweet treats at her new bakery, Sister Heart Sweets, 1718 Suite B, West Lamar Alexander Pkwy. Her new business venture, however, is about more than secret family recipes.

In November of 2007, during a minor medical procedure, Blair had a heart attack at the age of 34. “I’ve learned you are not promised another day, so you better take advantage of the one you have,” Blair said. “I decided then I had to learn to let go of some of what I thought were priorities and make new ones.”

The gift of goodies has been a big part of the baker’s life. She says she has always loved baking her grandmother’s chocolate and coconut cream pie recipes. After selling pies from her home, Blair wanted to take her business to the next level but wasn’t sure how to make her dream a reality.

Blair became friends with Julie Foncea, who suffered a heart attack when she was only 28 years old. Because they shared similar stories, it was easy for the pair to bond. One day while sharing coffee, they discovered a mutual love for baking and began to dream of opening a shop in Maryville. Blair says, “I would have never had the courage to try it on my own, but Julie gave me the confidence I needed to give it a shot.”

She knew the project would require a lot of work so when Foncea moved to Knoxville, Blair wasn’t sure she could fulfill their vision alone. “My husband told me that I could do it, and I would regret it if I didn’t try. So I gave it a try, and here we are! The bakery is called Sister Heart Sweets because my friend and I refer to one another as ‘Heart Sisters.”

Here is Jamey Blair:

Since the heart attack, what lifestyle changes have you made?

“Stress management! I’ve always been a worrisome person, but after my episode, I had to really focus on relaxing and reducing stress. This is still a work in progress. It’s very challenging to totally rewire who you are.”

Tell me a little more about the baskets you deliver from the bakery. With Mother’s day right around the corner, this sounds so much better than flowers!

“I am so excited about this. I work with Molly Bates and her business is called “Molly Said.” She is the one who does the cute embroidered items at Dandy Lions and The Market. For Sister Heart Sweets, she uses dessert fabrics to make things like aprons. It’s a whole line she created just for me. We create these cute, edible gifts for the customer, and we also make it based on their budget. I really love this new addition. Offering a custom gift that we deliver is a great service for our customers.”

What is your most embarrassing mommy moment?

“It’s probably when my youngest son was 4 and decided to use the beautiful white sands of Destin as his toilet. I heard hysterical laughing only to turn and see my 12-year-old son mortified as he watched his naked brother make designs on the extremely crowded sands. The harder I ran after him the faster he ran. He thought it was hilarious to outrun his mother with swim trunks around his ankle.”

If you had a mommy super power, what would it be?

“Easy. When my finger snaps, they instantly obey.”

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