No hiding this Easter special Carrot Cake

Robin McDaniel
This “Carrot” cake may not help your eyesight, but it will be a hit for Easter.

Photo by Robin McDaniel

This “Carrot” cake may not help your eyesight, but it will be a hit for Easter.

You won’t need any carrots to make this fun and easy Carrot Cake. The recipe is courtesy of Food Network Magazine, and it gets its name from the shape, not the ingredients. With Easter here this weekend, this bunny-friendly cake with be a real hit with the children and is easy enough for them to help make.

When I first looked at the picture of this Carrot Cake, I thought it looked like a “project.” It fooled me, because it was really easy to assemble. As for the baking -- there isn’t any, so it’s a fast and easy recipe for kids to help with.

I did make some economical changes. The recipe calls for orange jelly beans to cover the cake. The only all-orange jelly beans I could find were too expensive, so I substituted orange Reese Pieces. They worked out great. You can also use green Twizzlers instead of the green Sour Apple Straws.

Carrot Cake

Food Network Magazine

1 pound cake 16 oz., frozen

1 tub 16 oz. vanilla frosting

24 drops yellow food coloring

6 drops red food coloring

4 cups orange jelly beans (or Reese Pieces

1 bag 5 oz. green apple sour straws (or green Twizzlers)

Trim one short end of the pound cake (discard the end). Cut a wedge off each side and attach wedges to each other with frosting (crust sides together), then attach to the trimmed cake.

Mix the remaining frosting with the yellow and red food coloring. Spread over the cake. Arrange the jelly beans on the cake in tight rows. Trim the sour straws (or Twizzlers) to various lengths, then gently stick into the top of the cake.

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