Finalists named in Man Cave Giveaway

The inaugural Man Cave Giveaway has been narrowed down from 100 to four homes. Promotion organizers now are asking folks to vote for their favorite contestant so they can get the Man Cave of their dreams.

As of the deadline on March 31, approximately 100 Blount County residents had submitted entries explaining why they need a Man Cave, what their space looks like and what they would do with a renovated room in their home devoted to the comfort and convenience of the man of the house.

Denver Hunt Company, a Maryville-based business that specializes in home exteriors and remodeling, is spearheading a promotion to transform a room in one lucky contestant’s home into a $12,500 Man Cave renovation.

Starting Tuesday, April 12, readers will have the opportunity to go vote by going to Each contestant will have a video showing their “before” space and making a plea for votes.

Online voting will continue until midnight on Friday, April 22. There will be a reception at Denver Hunt Company on Monday, April 25, to recognize the four finalists. The winner will be announced on Thursday, April 28, in Blount Today and on ESPN Radio 1120 AM and Facebook, Twitter and on the company website.

The four finalist are:

Michael "Keith" Buckner Man Cave Giveaway

Take a look at Michael "Keith" Buckner's ...

Michael “Keith” Buckner, 3324 Cove Point Drive, Louisville, has a 4,000 square feet rancher that is 30 years old, and he wants to transform a 400-to-800 square feet room in the partially finished basement into a Man Cave. Buckner said he started his remodel two years ago to his family’s dream home. “I took on this massive project with the help of my dad, but unfortunately he had a sudden heart attack in June and passed. Since then I have been going at it alone and progress has been slow and hard. Now all is done but my Man Cave.”

Buckner said he and his wife had their first baby in May. “Working around her sleep schedule has made it even more trying. Our second is due in October. If I am selected, I will use your help to complete two rooms I have in my basement. One room is going to be a game room with a pool table, foosball table, and maybe an arcade game and a plasma TV on the wall to watch while playing. The other room is going to be a cinema room with a huge projection screen, surround sound, and as much comfortable seating as possible.”

Jason Hughes Man Cave Giveaway

Take a look at Jason Hughes Man ...

Jason Hughes, 1531 Water Lily Lane, Maryville, has a 2,000 square foot two-story home that is five years old, and he wants to make a Man Cave out of a 600 square foot room in his finished basement.

Hughes said he would like to install a home entertainment center with a 50-inch or larger television in addition to a multi-media surround sound system. “To complete the room, I would add a pool table and mini-bar. Décor would consist of theater-style posters (framed), lighting and a popcorn machine.”

There would also be pool-décor with flashing signs, a half-bath connecting that will be UT-themed and furniture would consist of stylish yet comfortable, consisting of barstools and leather sectional couches. “I believe I can maximize this space and create a showpiece.”

Kevin Kirkland Man Cave Giveaway

Take a look at Kevin Kirkland's Man ...

Kevin Kirkland, 247 Merganser Lane, Maryville, has a 1,600 square foot rancher that is eight years old with a 500-square foot garage he hopes transform into his Man Cave. “I need to feel like a man again. I love my children, all three, however, I’ve had to turn in my Man Card since my children have been born because I’ve decorated my house with themes such as Tinker Bell and the beach.”

Kirkland said he doesn’t own a high-definition television. “Every time a thunderstorm comes over my house, I pray for lightning to hit at least one of my 200 pound televisions so I can move into the 21st century,” Kirkland said. “No man in his 30s should feel this way. Blu Ray movies such as ‘The Road Warrior,’ and ‘Predator,’ call my name, only to find me weeping because I do not own a Blu Ray player.” Kirkland said he dreams of a Man Cave with carpet, theater lighting, and HD/3-D television and surround sound system. “Please help me feel like a man again because this Old Spice body wash isn’t helping.”

Kevin White Man Cave Giveaway

Take a look at Kevin White's Man ...

Chana White, 1412 Lincolnshire Drive, Maryville, entered the contest as a surprise to her husband, Kevin. The couple owns a two-story, 3,400-square feet home that is 24 years old with an unfinished 600-square feet basement that is unfinished but is framed and has heat and air. Chana White said she and Kevin have been married 21 years and have four daughters, ages 19, 15, 11 and 8. “My husband is a wonderful father and husband, but it would be great if he had a place to go to get away from the ‘World of the naked Barbie.’ With our girls being spread out in age, he has been blessed to be able to trip over dolls for years. Even our dog is a female. If any man needs a Man Cave, my husband does.”

Chana White said Kevin is a huge sports fan and his Man Cave would look like a mountain cabin. “I would create for him a space with lots of natural wood and stone and compliment this with large, overstuffed leather furniture. I know he would share the Man Cave with me and the girls, just as long as the younger ones checked their Barbies at the top of the stairs.”

Partners with Denver Hunt and Blount Today in the Man Cave Giveaway are Anderson’s Lumber Company, Gillenwater Flooring Center, Inc., Games & Things, ESPN Radio and Ledbetter’s Electronics.

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Comments » 5

MaryMoore writes:

Any man who can dress up like the tooth fairy deserves my vote.

XRT4i writes:

Why is the voting link still active? Voting was supposed to end at midnight on the 22nd.

XRT4i writes:

Here are the official rules:

Contestants Must:

· be 18 years of age

· own their own home

· be a resident of Blount County, TN

· pay any taxes on materials or merchandise

· show proof of all areas needed above

· sign legal liability documentation

· only enter once - only one per household

· not be employed by or be in the immediate family of the sponsor’s companies

· submit 250 words or less explaining what they would do with their space to make it a “man cave”

What happens if a contestant doesn't really own their own home?

showell writes:

Man Cave voting ended at midnight on Friday, April 22. Any votes cast beyond that point will not be counted. Thanks to the thousands who voted in our Man Cave Giveaway contest. Winner will be announced Monday online and in Thursday's Blount Today.

XRT4i writes:

Thanks for the clarification showell.