A visit from the Congressman

Rep. Duncan shares insights on national issues at Alcoa Kiwanis meeting

David Buck has a theory on why U.S. Rep. Jimmy Duncan is re-elected every two years.

“He probably gets as many Democrat votes as he does Republican votes,” Buck said. “He represents the area and not himself. Sometimes you listen to politicians answer questions and know less when they get done than when they started, but (Rep. Duncan) just tells it like it is.”

Buck, an Alcoa Kiwanis Club past president and current program committee member, invited the congressman to speak to the club on Monday, Nov. 22, at their regular monthly meeting at Green Meadow Country Club.

The program committee member said Duncan addressed the controversial new Transportation Safety Administration pat-down searches.

“The timing was right, and it was very appropriate that he came on Monday,” Buck said. “He was on Fox News the night before talking about the TSA controversy going on with the pat-downs.”

Buck said Duncan also addressed some of the other issues facing the Congress. “He shared some little insights and some of the things you don’t always hear. He’s a good speaker for everyday people, because he just tells it like it is,” Buck said. “He’s almost a maverick. I call him my ‘Common Sense Congressman’ because that is the way he is.

“I don’t know if he’s right about everything -- nobody is right about everything -- but he thinks the way most of the people in this area think.”

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