Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading: Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong

Tessa Bright Wildsmith

The Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong is an exciting series of paranormal books about werewolves, witches, vampires and the like.

Book One in the series is “Bitten.” The story centers on one of the main characters in the Women of the Otherworld, Elena Michaels, the first and only female werewolf.

In “Bitten,” we meet Elena, Clay, Jeremy and the rest of the pack. We learn Elena’s story of how she became the only female werewolf. Filled with adrenaline pounding action, a little romance and a lot of supernatural intrigue, this first book was enough to get me hooked.

“Stolen” is the second book in the series and again opens with Elena. “Stolen” is kind of a transition book. Elena is kidnapped and held in a prison filled with many different supernatural types that typically coexist anonymously with humans. We meet Ruth and Paige Winterbourne, witches, as well as Savannah, a young witch whose mother was killed trying to escape. In addition, we meet a whole cast of vampires, sorcerers, demons and more. We don’t learn much about these other supernatural characters in this book, but they play leading roles in future books in the series.

All the characters we meet in “Bitten” and “Stolen” resurface throughout the series, and we meet new supernaturals as the stories progress. This is one of my favorite parts of this series of books. Every book is new and fresh as the story line centers around a different main character, but we still get the familiar faces of past characters popping up as part of the supporting cast. It really gives a sense of getting to know the characters and how they are all related to each other.

Surprisingly, Armstrong’s writing is never shallow or weak, which is often the case with these types of books. Her characters are complex and developed. The plot lines are rarely predictable and always keep you guessing. Even when the more familiar characters are just playing a supporting role, they are still growing and changing. It keeps the stories progressing at a good pace. Each book has a nice balance of supernatural characters, action, mystery and just a touch of romance. With most of the plot lines, you’ll find the characters trying to escape with their lives.

I’ve read books one through six so far and have loved everyone for different reasons. Armstrong has released a total of 10 with the eleventh installment set to be released in August of this year. Lovers of supernatural fiction will like the wide-varying cast of supernatural characters.

These are not deep, thoughtful books, but if you’re looking for a quick, entertaining read full of mystery, vibrant characters and action-packed thrills, you should give Women of the Otherworld a try.

Have you read “Women of the Otherworld?” Discuss your thoughts on the book below.

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