CMS is finalist in Samsung $210,000 promotion

Carpenters Middle School is in the running for $210,000 in prizes from Samsung. Terri Bradshaw said Friday she was notified Monday that the school’s essay in the Four Seasons of Hope contest had placed in the top three finish.

“They have selected the top three schools, and we are going to be going to New York City on March 30 where they will announce the grand prize winner on March 31,” she said.

Bradshaw found out Monday but contest rules said contestants could not release information until the company announced it on their website. The grand prize winner gets $210,000 in merchandise, and the other two finalists get $50,000 in merchandise each.

“I can’t believe it. I’m just speechless. I was stunned,” Bradshaw said. “I didn’t think for a minute - you hope - but I didn’t think we would get to the top three.”

It was Bradshaw’s essay the school submitted to the contest. The literacy leader said her idea was to show in a creative way how the prize money/equipment would be used at CMS. She said her idea was that, just like a jigsaw puzzle that has to be made with the four sides first, CMS had the frame for technology, but it lacked the center pieces of the technology puzzle to make the school even more effective.

“I tried to make it creative, but I had no idea that we would get this far. I’m excited,” she said.

Bradshaw said NFL quarterback Eli Manning is going to be at the New York City announcement because he is one of the sponsors. Bradshaw said that as part of the arrangement, she also is allowed to take one student and parent to represent the school. Madelyn Priest, an eighth grade member of the student council, will be flying up with one of her parents and Bradshaw for the event.

“We took suggestions from teachers. We were looking for someone in student leadership. She was mentioned several times by teachers,” Bradshaw said. “She is one of our best. That was a tough choice because we have a lot of good kids who could be our representative.”

The literacy leader said whether the school gets $50,000 or $210,000 in prizes, the items will be for the children at the school. Most of the prizes are Microsoft or Samsung products along with Bestbuy and DishTV gift cards.

“We want to put the equipment in the hands of the students. You win things like cameras and camcorders. There’s a whole list of different pieces of equipment they give as part of the prize package,” she said. “One of the things we’ve been looking at is a way to really make the library a media and research center and equip it with laptops the teachers and students can utilize in the library. That’s one of the things we’ve been talking about, but it all goes back to the kids. The possibilities are just endless. We’re just real excited about having the opportunity of even having $50,000 worth of materials.”

Details of the three finalists are at

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