Meeting the candidate

District 8 neighbors gather to meet candidate John C. Templeton

More than 30 folks came out on Feb. 25 to show their support for Blount County Commission candidate John C. Templeton. The occasion was a reception at Music Row on East Lamar Alexander Parkway.

Templeton said he appreciated those who could attend. “I was pleased,” said the Republican candidate for District 8, Seat A. “I had a good solid core of supporters here. I think that is a pretty good indication that flows from what I’ve discovered from conversations I had while knocking on doors -- the concerns I have are similar to theirs.”

Templeton outlined those concerns as lack of long range planning, keeping a beautiful environment from being sullied and misgivings about financing.

“Those are all the issues people are concerned about.”

The late afternoon reception drew supporters from within the district and some from outside who came to wish him well.

“I think my campaign is going well,” said Templeton. “I’m pleased with the response I’m getting from people as I am meeting them. Lots of people see this particular election as a watershed election, in the sense that more and more of the public seems to be aware of the challenges we face over the next four years and further out.”

Current commissioner for District 8, Seat A is John Keeble, who has announced he will not run for re-election. Other Republican candidates for Seat A are Roy Gamble, James Taylor and Steve Donald. There are no candidates on the Democratic ticket. The primary is May 4.

Former Blount County School Board member Booty Miller of Six Mile praised Templeton. “I’m not in his district,” said Miller, “but I like what he is saying at the County Commission meetings. I think he’ll be a good leader and look at the issues.”.

Miller said he appreciates Templeton’s thoughts on zoning. “If you’re going to do zoning, do it fairly. That’s something John has talked about,” he said.

Jack Mize said Templeton is a friend and has even helped him clear fence rows. “I’m his neighbor, and he’s a good man as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

Brett Dirr of Walland spoke well of Templeton. “I think he’s a straight-up kind of guy. He is what you see. I feel he will be a representative for the county,” he said. “He’s somebody who has actually read the constitution of Tennessee and will uphold our rights as citizens and taxpayers.”

Templeton’s wife, Nikki Templeton, said her husband became more involved in the community when he joined his neighbors in an outcry about plans for an airstrip in Seymour that some felt should have been vetted more thoroughly by county government.

“He’s a good Christian man,” said his wife. “He loves the outdoors, and he wants to preserve it. It’s not about him, but this county. We want to do what’s right for this community.”

Laurie Leslie of Walland said she appreciates how commissioner John Keeble has represented her district. “I’m happy to see someone like John Templeton step forward. He’s shown himself to be interested enough in our community to put energy into the airport fiasco.”

Bob Miller of Six Mile spoke well of Templeton. “He stands up for the people,” Miller said. “I think he’ll make a change in the way that the votes go on the commission. He’ll be more for the people.”

Dan Cap of Mint Road in Blount County said Templeton was a friend and a business associate. “He’s a very honest guy. He’s warm, friendly and down to Earth. I came to support John. I live in the county, and our situations are similar. We’re both in subdivisions that back up to country land, and that’s the way we want it to stay. I don’t want an airstrip. We may be in different districts, but we’re in the same county.”

Don Douglass of Blount County said he admired Templeton’s motives. “I think he wants to be a commissioner for the community,” he said. “He’s a good man and will do what he says he will do.”

Steve Sollman of Blount County said Templeton spoke out several times during commission meetings about the air strip controversy. “We were all impressed with how well he handled himself. We think he will make the commission better,” he said.

Daughter Jennifer Jordan said she was real excited for her father. “Over the past year or so he’s gotten involved. I think he will do well. He’s always been interested in his community,” she said.

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Floydthebarber writes:

Thank goodness we got a decent man wanting to help out in the court house. Cusin billy told me they ant no better than John!! Sister Sara told me the politics in Blount county is shap'in up to be something that ya'll ant seen in some time. Sara told me she always wanted to live in Blount County because you folks stir up more buffalo chips than most. Rumor has it that somebody in the Court House messed with the wrong family that lives out on Sevierville Road, got a commission that's called monkeys, got a retired Fire Chief that somebody thought was a Democrate. Had the best of the best County Finance Director that was running for Mayor got retired for some reason.
Dang, what else!! I ant heard about so much mud cents cusin Billy's dog's got the itchey bowel. Remember? Vomet and Comet?? Thankful they got that cleared up, how ever they went out messing around with the wrong junk yard dogs and brought home the coodies. Billy thought they would eat the kids up before they got rid of 'em. Good Luck!!