Chat Room: Jennie Bounds

Jennie Bounds

Jennie Bounds

Jennie Bounds

Age: 28

Occupation: Marketing and Public Relations director for Blount Memorial Hospital

Family: Married to Kevin Bounds and they have a son, Hayden, 2.

Jennie Bounds is learning to play. Being the mom of a 2-year-old boy will do that to a person.

Bounds, the marketing and public relations director for Blount Memorial Hospital, spends her days building relationships with and honing the hospital’s message to the community.

The University of Tennessee graduate spent six years under the tutelage of former Blount Memorial Hospital Marketing and Public Relations director Ann Crytser, and now adds her 2-year-old son, Hayden, to the list of those who teach her life lessons.

“I think being a mom, now I’m seeing the importance of stopping and playing. I think that having a little more flexibility in plans for the day and definitely more patience,” she said. “When you get a big hug, it makes it all worth it.”

Bounds grew up in Knox County and was on the softball fields or basketball courts at an early age where she says she learned about sportsmanship, self-discipline and team work.

“I have always been involved in sports from the time I was old enough to play and understand what I was doing.” she says. “That is how I spent the school year and summers. In high school I played basketball, softball and volleyball. I attempted soccer, but, being a basketball player, I had a tendency to scrap for the ball and wanted to pick it up, so it didn’t work for me.”

After college Bounds was hired at Blount Memorial Hospital and has worked every position in the marketing and public relations department.

Bounds is quick to praise Crytser for mentoring her. “Having the opportunity to work with Ann Crytser is an experience I’ve felt privileged to have,” Bounds says.

Bounds met her husband, Kevin, when she was in college. They married in 2004.

The couple’s son appears to have a lot of her personality, which leads Bounds to learning something else - new people’s names. “Hayden is more outgoing. A trip to the grocery store means new friends for him,” she says. “Just this weekend he offered a snack to someone in the aisle with us.”

Here is Jennie Bounds:

Who are you most like, your mother or your father and why?

“I am most like my mom. If you saw the two of us together, you would see what I mean. We look just alike. But, we have a lot of the same traits, too. When people say I’m just like my mom, I take that as a compliment. She’s an amazing woman.”

What are you guilty of?

“Eating sweets and junk food, sometimes in place of a meal, and singing loudly in the car.”

What is your favorite material possession?

“The china cabinet and china that belonged to my maternal grandmother. She died when my mom was very young, so I never met her, although I’ve been told she would’ve loved me.”

What are you reading currently?

“While I’d like to say something geared toward my age level, I’d be lying. I often read ‘Knuffle Bunny’ or a short story from the ‘Disney Signature Story Collection.’” That’s subject to change halfway through the book if my 2-year-old thinks we need to switch books.

What was your most embarrassing moment?

“I guess my most recent one was when I sat in a plate that was filled with ketchup while attending an outdoor birthday party. I didn’t realize it for a few minutes, so by that time, there obviously was no denying what I’d done.”

What are the top three things on your bucket list?

“I’m too young to have a bucket list. I just got my bucket.”

What is one word others often use to describe you and why?

“Organized. Everything I do has to have a reason, and in my world, there’s a place for everything. To me, organization keeps my life simpler.”

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

“Just one? Well, I’d like to make myself be able to relax. Some days, I don’t know how.”

What is your passion?

“Cooking. I love cooking, and my staff and hospital friends love it when I cook, too.”

What is your theme song that best describes you?

“While I’d like to say it’s something like ‘Simply Irresistible,” it’s probably more along the lines of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cindy Lauper.’ Also, I always was teased because my maiden name is Monday, so I guess you could say ‘Manic Monday by the Bangles.’”

With whom, living or dead, would you most like to have a long lunch?

“I’d love to have a long lunch with Ann Crytser, the former director of marketing and public relations at Blount Memorial, and my first real boss. She was a great mentor and friend, and now that she’s in the U.S. Peace Corps, she’s a bit far away for a lunch.”

If a movie were made about your life, who would play you and why?

“While I’d like to think Julia Roberts, but it could be Judith Light, Angela from ‘Who’s the Boss,’ June Cleaver or Candace Bergen from ‘Murphy Brown.’”

If you could go back in time for a week, what time period or year would you visit?

“I’d like to go back to the time of the Great Depression. I’d like to see how hard life was and to compare that to today to see how materialistic we’ve become.”

What is the best present you ever received in a box?

“Chocolate Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts.”

What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?

“Think before I speak and that God gave me two ears and one mouth for a reason.”

Do you Myspace, Facebook or Twitter?

“I was a late adopter of Facebook. I tried Twitter once but didn’t really stick with it.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

“This is funny -- I’m a dog person, but I have two cats and no dogs.”

What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon and why?

“Hands down, it was Scooby Doo. But then, as I got a little older and graduated from ‘cartoons,’ there was nothing that could top ‘Saved By the Bell.’ It was 11 a.m. every Saturday.”

What irritates you?

“People who mow their grass and blow their clippings into the road. I also get made when people don’t return their buggies to the buggy return.”

What’s one place in Blount County everyone should visit?

“Any part of the Greenbelt.”

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself at 18?

“Enjoy being 18. I have been told many times, ‘You were born 40.’ Age 18 had some responsibility, but it was a lot of fun, too.”

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