Townsend Arts and Crafts Fair brings handmade treasures to Nawger Nob

Hot temperatures and a cool economy may have kept some visitors and vendors away from the 2010 Townsend Arts and Craft Fair the weekend of June 26-27, but organizers of the event were happy with the turnout.

Mac Profit, owner of Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers at Nawger Nob, said that while there were fewer vendors and visitors than normal, taking the heat and the economy into consideration, it was a good event.

“We had 20-some less vendors than normal, but we had more people throughout than I expected, especially with the heat and the economy. We had almost twice as many people as what I thought would come through,” he said. “We’ve been doing this event 40 years.”

Proffitt said the event started back about in the mid 1970s when Harry Kidwell and Jim Wilsford organized the festival.

“They thought this was a good place to hold a craft fair, and it grew from there,” Proffitt said. “Normally we’ll have 85 to 95 vendors, and this time we had less than 70.”

The variety of items gave shopper much to be happy about. Items found at the festival ranged from jewelry to oil paintings to hand-sewn items. “It’s a wide variety of items, and they’re all hand-made,” Proffitt said.

Proffitt said there is always another similar event in the fall during the last weekend of September. “We’ll probably have 4,000 people in the fall. This time we had about 1,800,” he said. “Having said all that, we were pleased at the turnout. We didn’t hear anybody complain, and we saw a lot of stuff go out.”

The Townsend Arts and Craft Fair for Fall will be held Sept. 25 - 26. For information, call 865-448-6350.

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