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American Legion Post 13 holds ceremony to destroy tattered, damaged flags

Members of the American Legion Post 13 gathered July 4th at their facility on Waters Road to participate in a ceremony to properly dispose of tattered or worn American flags.

State Sen. Doug Overbey took time out to participate in the ceremony that brought together veterans and those who support them. Flags were ceremonially burned as part of the service. Afterwards the group gathered for a meal at the Post.

“It is a very meaningful service, in two aspects,” said Overbey. “One is the respect shown to the American flag, the standard of our country and the dignified way in which the tattered and torn flags were disposed of. Secondly, just to see veterans from World War II, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War and the War on Terrorism all there together makes you realize the sacrifices that have been going on for years in order that we have the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.”

Otis Bowers helped organize the event and participated in it.

Bowers said his father, uncle and great uncle are all veterans of the military. He became involved in the American Legion several years ago when the Sons of Legionaries began. “The sons of veteran carry on their legacy,” he said. “One reason I do this is not for me, but for those who died all over this world for this country. Somebody has to do it. I do it for all those people who never made it home.”

The Ceremony for Disposal of Unserviceable Flags is outlined in Resolution No. 440, passed by the 19th National Convention of The American Legion in New York, Sept. 20-23, 1937. The ceremony has been an integral part of American Legion ritual since that date. The purpose of The American Legion in adopting this ceremony was to encourage proper respect for the Flag of the United States and to provide for disposal of unserviceable flags in a dignified manner, according to the organization’s website.

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