Personal trainers make fitness a commitment

Many people have made resolutions for 2010, and most people struggle with how to begin and stay on track with their goals. One of the most popular goals that people set is to lose weight. We all know that the key to losing weight is eating less and moving more, and exercise is usually the hardest to make a priority on a daily basis.

After weight loss surgery, I also found myself struggling with getting motivated at the gym. I didn’t feel like I was getting enough out of my exercise routines, so I hired a personal trainer. For me, my trainer is more than just an instructor. She has helped me come up with the right workout plan to meet my goals. Accountability also became important, and I treat each workout like an appointment, so I am there when I’m scheduled to be there. Whether it’s losing a few pounds, toning up your arms or flattening your stomach, a personal trainer can help you get there.

Hiring a personal trainer means both a financial commitment and a time commitment to your health and fitness. I have found that a personal trainer can help you:

n Get started. This is where my trainer helped me create a specific routine for my needs.

n Learn proper technique and form. I have learned from my trainer that doing exercises incorrectly can lead to injuries that could possibly set you back.

n Achieve goals. If you have always wanted to lose weight, tone up your body, or just be a healthier person, but you can’t get there on your own - a personal trainer can help keep you on track.

How do you choose a trainer that is right for you? When I started, I really wasn’t sure where to begin, but here are a few tips that will hopefully help you find what you need.

n Try out a trainer. If you’re a member of a gym, ask for a list of trainers and ask about their education and experiences. You can try buying one session, just to see if it clicks. I actually went to three trainers before I found the right one for me.

n Look for qualifications. Find someone who is educated and certified by a reputable organization.

n Ask yourself how well they teach. A personal trainer should do more than just give you exercises to do. During your session, it should be all about you, and they should be able to show and teach you the exercises. My trainer has become a friend, and she is genuinely concerned for my health and me, which shows me that I have the right trainer.

If it is something you can afford and you can find a personal trainer that is right for you, sign up for a few sessions and start the new year off by getting yourself into shape. For more information regarding personal training sessions through Blount Memorial, call the Wellness Center at Springbrook at 865-980-7100 or the Wellness Center at Cherokee at 865-238-6091.

Dana Bradley is a registered nurse, certified bariatric nurse and bariatric coordinator for the Blount Memorial Weigh Management Center. She also is a former bariatric surgery patient.

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