‘Christmas in Connecticut’ will showcase Clayton Center as a movie theater

A classic holiday movie is coming to the Clayton Center for the Arts.

“Christmas in Connecticut” will be shown on the center’s movie screen at 3 and 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 18.

“Not many people know what a great movie palace the Clayton Center can become,” said Clayton Center for the Arts executive director Robert Hutchens. “The giant screen, the extraordinary sound, and, of course, the luxury of the décor provide a setting for the way ‘Christmas in Connecticut’ was meant to be seen. It is not the most famous of the Christmas classics, for those who know it, Christmas in Connecticut is a favorite.”

Hutchens said the movie has all the trappings a good Christmas movie should have: snow, a sleigh, Christmas carols being sung as the tree is decorated, a roaring fire in a perfect New England farmhouse.

“It also has the luminous performances of Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan at their comedic, romantic best,” he said. “Moreover, its supporting cast is made up of Hollywood’s most beloved character actors. It has a comic, farcical, suspenseful plot that makes is fresh and crisp as new-fallen snow.”

The executive director said moviegoers who attend “Christmas in Connecticut” should imagine that Martha Stewart were a fake, couldn’t make a pancake and would rather break a vase than fill it with flowers. “Imagine that suddenly her whole career depended on proving she was America’s most admired housewife, and you have the dilemma Barbara Stanwyck is in,” he said. “She has to make the perfect Christmas for a houseful of people, including her boss, and she hasn’t got a clue how to do it. She can’t cook; she can’t decorate; she doesn’t know which end of a baby is up.”

Hutchens said that while the matinee and evening screenings of the holiday classic are the main event, the wreathed and garland draped foyer of the center will be filled with the aroma of spiced cider, hot chocolate, and the strains of Christmas music to complete the nostalgic day.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office by calling 865-981-8590 or at the door.

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