Heritage High in running for $500,000 in Kohl’s Cares for Kids give-away

A Heritage High School teacher who led a successful effort to win $100,000 for the school from U.S. Cellular is leading a new initiative to win $500,000 for the school.

Kohl’s Cares for Kids® $10MM Giveback runs July 7 to Sept. 3. Kohl’s will announce the 20 schools who will win on Sept. 7

Sherry Walker says the contest awards $500,000 to 20 different schools in the United States depending on the number of votes given to each school. The contest celebrates the 10th anniversary of Kohl’s Cares.

As of Tuesday evening, Heritage High School was ranked 72 and were only 2,300 votes from the Top 20. By Wednesday morning, the school was listed as 48th in the nation.

Walker is encouraging everyone to log on and support Heritage High School. She said the main thing she wants people to know is how to vote so that every vote will count. To vote, you must log on or create a Facebook account, and then go to the Kohl’s website and click on the icon for the contest.

The business technology teacher said people wishing to vote shouldn’t be intimidated if they aren’t avid users of social media like Facebook. “All they have to do is accept the Kohl’s page, cast their votes, and they can cancel their account when the contest is over. That’s what I want people to understand. It takes 15 minutes, and you’re done,” she said. “We just want to get the word out.”

Each account holder get 20 votes and can cast up to five votes per school. “That’s the great thing. You can vote for more than one school. Once I cast my votes for the high school, I can cast another five for an elementary, another five for a middle school and another five for a high school,” she said.

The top 20 schools with the most votes as of Sept. 3 wins. The winners must have a plan on how they will use the money and must adhere to the plan, according to the company website.

When Walker learned about the promotion on July 27, she went to work immediately getting word out to other teachers.

By Tuesday morning, Aug. 3, teachers and a few students had started logging onto the Social media website and were casting votes for Heritage High School. “We made the list,” Walker said. We’re 72nd and only 2,300 votes from the Top 20. Once our student body votes, I think we can make it to the top 10.”

Walker said the senior, junior, sophomore and freshmen classes were scheduled to meet on different days, and she spoke to each assembly, starting with the senior class.

Walker challenged the members of the senior class to not only vote, but to five people to log on or sign up for Facebook and go to the Kohl’s website to vote.

“I told them, ‘You can go down in history for what they’ve done for your school,’” she said. “That multiples the votes like you wouldn’t believe. I told the guys, ‘We’re 2,000 votes away from being in the top 20. There are 400 students here, and we could come back tomorrow and tell my juniors, ‘We’ve made it to top 20, now I expect you to get us in top 15.’ It’s a multiplying effect,” he said. “I think the students will get into this contest.”

A difference in this contest and the U.S. Cellular contest is those voting in the U.S. Cellular contest had to be 18, so many students were too young to participate. In this effort, participants must be 13 or older.

Walker said she is optimistic the students will continue to participate and push the vote total up even higher as the contest goes on.

“The number of votes we’ve received in the last week is tremendous even without our student body having a chance to vote,” Walker said. “Our student body is going to go home and vote.”

Walker said anyone interested in learning more about the contest or if they have problems logging on to the Kohl’s website, can contact her at Sherry.walker@blountk12.org.

Kohl’s Cares is Kohl’s Department Store’s philanthropic and community platform committed to kids health and education, advancing environmental solutions and supporting women’s health.

Find more information about Kohl’s Cares at www.kohls.com/cares.

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