Eeny … meeny … miny — no!

“What’s your favorite sport?”

It’s one of those inevitable questions that come with the mundane inquiry behind every-day small talk.

Most can answer it without much thought. Some, though, find this an especially difficult question to answer truthfully. Those who love sports and possess an immense passion for athleticism may have to do some serious soul searching to fork out an honest answer.

Okay, maybe it’s just me who happens to find this simple question a puzzling conundrum. Why? Let me break down my reasoning.

Little kids are often multi-sport athletes. It’s not uncommon for parents to thrust their kids into karate, ballet, soccer, and basketball and let them try their hand at all of them. Usually, the kid picks out one or two to stick with and behold — the favorite sport is born. It wasn’t so easy for me.

I’m a sophomore in high school and still play four sports. It’s not that I can’t choose; I just don’t want to.

Each sport highlights a specific aspect of my personality. Take volleyball, for example. Volleyball appeals to the part of me that loves to be around people — the part that works well with others and craves that stability and security of being on a team. Then cut to tennis.

Tennis is a sport of strategy and wit. It’s about outsmarting your opponent and toying with the mind. The comforting comradeship of a team still exists, but to a lesser extent. Tennis allows me to be logical, astute and downright ruthless.

Finally, running lets me get away. It provides quality alone time and enables me to lose myself in a torrent of thoughts. When I run, I can forget everything and tuck myself away into my own world. Running taps into my creative, emotional and philosophical well being and embraces my mental strengths.

All three sports are equally different, yet equally important to me as a person and an athlete. Each provide a different way of being active and require a unique set of abilities. Every sport I play has a special place not only in my heart but also in my mind and persona. Without any one of them, I would not be complete as an athlete or a person.

Therefore, my favorite sport lies not with one particular activity, but in the powerful combination that empowers my life.

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