Haunting in Maryville

Evidence of the Halloween spirit found at home and at work on All Hallow’s Eve

The Spencer family “does” Halloween. They go all out with spooky decorations and planned several haunted scenes for visitors to their home on Halloween night. Guests were treated to a rat-filled coffin, a crime scene in the driveway and a mad butcher scene with body parts all over the yard.

Dr. Ron and Sharon Spencer on Foxdale Drive started decorating for Halloween years ago when their children were youngsters.

“We’ve done everything,” Sharon Spencer said, “And it seems to be getting worse every year! We’ve been doing this probably for the past six years. We started out cute when the kids were babies but as they get older, we get grosser.”

Live action is incorporated into the scene on their front yard each Halloween. This year they had a crime scene, complete with a reporter and photographer, with a pretend murder on their driveway. A friend was also going to play the part of the mad butcher, cutting up bodies and throwing the “parts” at visitors.

“He’s going to be here with a chain saw and act like he’s cutting off a limb and throwing it,” Sharon said a day before Halloween. “It’s going to get good.”

Friends and neighbors get in on the preparation, even helping build the “coffin.”

Sharon Spencer said they already have plans for next year’s Halloween. “We’re going to build a stage with someone getting killed on it with a chainsaw. We even thought about building a bed like in ‘The Exorcist,’ and have someone in it in a white dress… That would be gross,” Sharon said gleefully.

The Spencer family and their friends weren’t the only folks getting in on the ghoulish fun this Halloween. Blount Today traveled around the community and captured images of people who had to work, but still mixed in their Halloween spirit. Featured are those crazy “Valley Girls” at Bebe Salon and servers at Aubrey’s, Puleo’s and Hot Rods restaurants.

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