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Rob Britt

Rob Britt

Age: 48

Married to Liz Britt. They have three children, Robbie, 16, Rachel, 14, and Reece, 6.

Occupation: Outgoing principal, Carpenters Middle School; incoming director of Blount County Schools.

As principal at Carpenters Middle School, Rob Britt always had this piece of advice for teachers - recharge.

“I always ask our teachers to go and forget about school for a while and relax and let their minds be at ease. At some point I ask them to read a book and do something they feel will re-energize them for the new school year.”

Britt, who the Blount County School board recently named the next director for Blount County Schools, is busy helping close out the year at Carpenters Middle School where he is principal. At the same time, Britt is helping with the new budget for the school system and learning the responsibilities of his new job.

“I’m real excited about working with the exceptional teachers and principals here in Blount County Schools and with our motivated and bright students and our very supportive parents and community,” he says.

Britt says those are the ingredients for a great school system. “That is what I’m most excited about is that I get the opportunity to branch out and work with those folks in each of the 20 schools in the Blount County schools community. And I’m excited about working with the folks at Central Office.”

Britt says that while he plans to continue focusing on improving reading in the system, he will also focus on math and writing across the curriculum. “We’ve focused on reading, and we will continue. That’s one of the legacies Mr. Hord leaves. He led that initiative,” Britt says. “My job is to ensure we continue to really focus on reading and also look at other areas such as writing and math.”

Britt says he and the teachers and staff at Carpenters Middle School are excited to wrap up another school year. “It was a great year academically and great year in terms of individual student achievement, and we had a good year of having a great culture in the building.

“Our students were for the most part well behaved and they participated well in activities. It was a really good year, and what we have to look forward to is down time when teachers have the opportunity to recharge their batteries.”

Here are 25 Random Things about Rob Britt:

1. First and foremost, I absolutely adore my family. Wife, Liz, and children, Robbie, Rachel and Reece. They are very good to me. I really enjoy watching our children grow and participate in a variety of activities.

2. Most recently, I was appointed as the new director of schools for the Blount County School System. I feel honored to serve the students, parents, teachers, employees and the entire Blount County Community through this position. I am very excited and energized by this new turn in my career.

3. I am the founding principal at Carpenters Middle School. I would say most educators who desire to become a principal dream about the opportunity to start their own school. Starting CMS was special and a very unique treat for me. I loved all aspects of planning the opening of the school as well as running the school for the past eight years. I can honestly say, I enjoyed waking up each morning and going to work. It is a wonderful school community. Great teachers and staff, and students and parents. I will miss the CMS family.

4. I studied at Cambridge University in England for one summer. Would love to go back. It was a wonderful experience. While at Cambridge, I studied choral music with some of the greatest musicians in the world including John Rutter, Sir. David Willcocks, Barry Rose and Joshua Rifkin.

5. I still remain very active in music as I am Director of Music at New Providence Presbyterian Church here in Maryville. This will be my 23rd year at NPPC directing the Chancel Choir and my 28th year in church music.

6. Love Starbucks’ Vanilla Bean Frappachino.

7. I’m known as the Grill Master at home. I love to grill all year long even in the middle of winter. Grilled salmon - it’s the best - but I am not bad at grilling steak, chicken and other seafoods.

8. I am drive-thru challenged. I am not sure why, but I do not do well ordering at a drive-thru. According to my kids, I always seem to get the order all wrong.

9. I love to play tennis. Although, I have only played once this year, I still think my best playing days are ahead of me.

10. My favorite entertainment is watching my children perform. Robbie plays baseball and sings. Rachel dances (ballet and jazz) and sings, and Reece plays T-ball and sings. As you can tell, we’re just a singing family. I guess it’s in the genes.

11. I also enjoy watching all students participate in school and/or church activities. It is so energizing to see students doing something that they love and work so hard to excel.

12. Hilton Head Island is one of our favorite places to visit. Our family vacation is usually in Hilton Head. Tennis, swimming, fishing and building lots of sand castles are the only major events on our vacation agenda.

13. I am a cancer survivor of 12 years. I had colon cancer at age 36. I feel very blessed to be in this world enjoying life. Liz and I helped the American Cancer Society start Relay for LIfe back in 1998. We were event co-chairs for two years and loved every moment of it. What a thrill it has been to see this event grow each and every year.

14. My first job was as a bus boy. After a few years of busing tables, I decided to train as a life guard and swimming instructor. This led to eight summers of teaching swimming and life guarding. Now, I’m one of the swim meet starters for the Green Meadow Swim Team.

15. I have coached swimming and track at William Blount High School and baseball at Maryville Little League and Upward Basketball at Dotson Memorial Baptist Church.

16. I was a member of Phi Mu Alpha Fraternity in college.

17. My favorite sports teams include all the Tennessee athletic teams and my pro teams include the Washington Redskins, Boston Celtics, and Baltimore Orioles.

18. Favorite Foods include seafood pasta, crab cakes and a great turkey sandwich from Subs and Such.

19 My favorite type of music is classical; however, I enjoy some good old fashioned rock-n-roll from time to time.

20. I met my wife in the University of Tennessee Concert Choir during the first month we were at UT.

21. The person I most admire would be my grandmother, who was a product of the Great Depression and lived until she was 96 years old. She was the sweetest, most caring person who was also tough as nails. She departed lots of wisdom to me, and I only hope I use it in the way I conduct my life.

22. One of my favorite quotes is from Vince Lombardi who said, “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.”

23. I have sung and conducted at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

24. I would love to travel and visit more of the West coast as well as many countries in Europe.

25. Believe it or not, I played center for my high school football team weighing in at 178 pounds. Football certainly has changed since the late ’70s.

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