New parking regulations go into effect in Alcoa

The City of Alcoa Planning and Codes Department recently instituted new residential parking and vehicular storage regulations. The Board of Commissioners passed them on final reading in April and the new regulations which go into effect on May 14.

The new regulations are in response to numerous complaints regarding unsightly parking of numerous and various vehicles on residential property. Director of Planning Chris Hamby said, “At some residences you can see multiple cars, boats, trailers and other vehicles parked not only in the driveways but also covering the lawn of the residence,” he said. “This is an eyesore and detracts from the visual appearance of not only the individual property, but of the neighborhood as well.”

The new regulations limit the number of operable vehicles parked or stored on residential property to no more than four unless they are enclosed in a building. It further prohibits the parking or storage of any vehicle on unsurfaced areas of residential front yards and allows for no more than two trailers, golf carts, boats, or similar vehicles to be stored on unsurfaced areas of side and rear residential lots.

The penalty for violations is $50 per day that a vehicle is parked illegally. Households having more than four drivers each with their own vehicle may apply for an exemption from the city manager.

Exemptions will be applicable for up to one year from the date of their approval and will need to be renewed on an annual basis. Each driver must present a valid Tennessee driver’s license with the same address as that where the vehicle is to be parked.

Copies of the new requirements may be viewed on line at

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