Whitney Cox is in the Chat Room

Whitney Cox

Whitney Cox

Age: 33

Married to Lynn Cox. They have three children: Maddy is 7, and twins Carter and Caroline are 5.

Occupation: Teacher, Greenback School; outgoing president of the Junior Service League.

May 5 was Whitney Cox’s last official day as president of the Junior Service League, an organization that each year works to provide Christmas gifts for less-fortunate children.

Cox says she remembers when she got an invitation to join JSL five years ago. “I had no clue what the Service League was going to mean to me at that point. That was a time I needed something for myself. The twins were little, and I felt I was losing myself as a person. It came along at the absolute perfect time for me. Some of my dearest friends, my true best friends in the world are there, and our husbands are best friends, too. Even my children have special friends because of people I’ve met through Service League.”

The JSL is comprised of 60 women who annually raise money to support Toys for Blount County, a JSL project that gives toys to underprivileged children ages 6 to 14 in Blount County.

Cox says it is gratifying to be involved with a group of ladies who work for a common goal. “To see our work come to fruition is amazing and to see the faces of people we raise the money for and donate the toys to warms your heart. It makes me feel I’m doing something good, not because I want the credit but because I love to do it,” she says. “It’s phenomenal -- that feeling of knowing that you are helping somebody else.”

Amanda Painter is the incoming president and Cox says the best advice she has for Painter to remember that every member has a different outlook on JSL. It is a perspective Cox says she had to realize when she became president. “All of our members find what JSL stands for is important, but I had to remind myself everybody is different,” she says. “I couldn’t run it like it was only my club. I had to remember 60 different women were in that room. We’re all here for a common goal, but how we get there is sometimes different.”

Cox says what she learned throughout her year as president made her appreciate working with others. “I used to be the person who wanted to do everything myself so that it got done the way I wanted,” she says. “Now I know it’s better to work with a group toward a common goal. It’s not as much fun accomplishing something by yourself as it is accomplishing something with a group. With a group, you get to share it with other people.”

1. My husband, Lynn, was supposed to be my “rebound” guy. My best friend in college urged me to go out with him after a recent break-up. I did go out with him, thinking it would be a one-time thing. Funny though, I ended up marrying him. We’ve been married for 11 years and have three beautiful children.

2. My three children are each so unique. Maddy is my first-born. She is 7 years old and wants to be a teenager soooo badly. She is creative and dramatic and loves attention. Carter is my only son and is a total boy. He loves dirt bikes and monster trucks and plays hard. However, he has a sweet side to him that melts my heart. Caroline is Carter’s twin sister, and she is a girly-girl who loves make-up and dresses. She loves to dance and to sing. She is probably the funniest child I have ever known.

3. I keep a running file on my computer entitled, “Things The Kids Have Said.” It is filled with all the funny, sweet, innocent things my children have said. I keep it so I won’t ever forget these precious memories of my children.

4. I live in the house that my dad grew up in, and where my grandparents lived my entire life.

5. One week before we found out that I was pregnant for the 2nd time, Lynn and I both said that Maddy might be the only child we would have. Funny how things work out. The week after this, we found out I was not only pregnant, but also pregnant with twins.

6. I can clog, sort of.

7. I hate to do the laundry. Not only for the obvious reasons - three kids produce a lot of dirty clothes - but also because of the location of my washer and dryer. They are in our basement. This is the same basement that, as a child, I was terrified of. Even now, every time I have to go down there, I have to scope things out before I go down the stairs.

8. I am a total chicken. I hate scary movies, being home by myself at night, getting into my car in the dark, etc.

9. I love, love, love Starbucks Carmel Lattes. I love it even more when Laura Marsh calls me on the way to work to see if I want one.

10. The first time I ever flew on an airplane I flew to London, England.

11. I always knew I wanted to name a daughter Caroline because growing up my dad loved Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” I sing it to Caroline all the time, and she loves to sing it, too. Especially the “bum, bum, bum,” part.

12. I swam for Green Meadow Swim team when I was a child. My grandfather started this swim team in 1961 and coached it for many years. My father also swam on the team and coached it as well. My younger brother was also a Green Meadow swimmer. I am taking my daughter, Maddy, to sign up to swim on the same team this summer. She will be the fourth generation in our family to be involved with Green Meadow swimming. Go Green Machine.

13. I have been teaching at Greenback since 1999. I teach fifth and sixth grade.

14. As much as I love teaching, and I do love it, I know that my true calling in life is doing something much more glamorous. I just haven’t figured out what that is yet.

15. I am going to be an aunt in September. My brother, Stephen, and his wife, Sara, are having a little girl.

16. My best friend from college married my husband’s childhood best friend. We are all still friends today.

17. My favorite restaurant is Catinella’s. Our family goes there to eat for almost every special occasion in our lives. We love Tom Catinella’s fabulous dishes.

18. I have five FLOWER friends/sisters from college who I love to death! I just hate that we don’t see each other more than we do. FLOWER stands for something special to all six of us.

19. I love living in Maryville. I think that Blount County is the greatest place to live and raise a family.

20. My children, husband, and I are very fortunate to have my parents in our lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mom and Dad.

21. The first apartment in Maryville that Lynn and I lived in was on Stanley Avenue. This was also the same street that my parents’ first apartment was on.

22. My favorite book and movie of all time is “Gone With The Wind.” I also love the Twilight series.

23. I have absolutely loved being a part of Junior Service League and look forward to still being a part of it as a Sustainer.

24. Toys For Blount County is an incredible program that benefits so many children. I have been extremely fortunate to be involved with this amazing program through JSL. I will probably attend Toys For Blount County’s packing days until I am old and gray.

25. I will miss being in JSL next year. Some of my dearest friends are a part of JSL.

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