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Caroline Lamar

Caroline Lamar

Age: 28

Family: Married to Jamie with two daughters, 5-year-old Anastasia and 3-year-old Ainsley. Expecting a baby, due in September

Occupation: Public relations marketing assistant at Blount Memorial Hospital.

If the windows are rolled down in Caroline Lamar’s car as she and daughters Anastasia and Ainsely are out driving, listen for showtunes. Caroline has been addicted to Broadway for a long time. It all began when she was 9 years old and her parents took her to see the stage show “Les Miserables.”

“We loved every minute of it,” Lamar said. “My sister became very involved with performing arts.”

Lamar says her parents taught them to enjoy the arts. “They exposed us to different types of things and gave us a love of the arts in general.”

Lamar’s mom was a kindergarten teacher, and her dad was a minister. Even though each had demanding jobs and both of them were involved in the community, Lamar said their children always knew where they stood.

“We were always a priority, and we never felt we were second fiddle. We always knew that on the pecking order, we were No. 1. They were busy, but we did neat stuff with them.”

Lamar says she and her sisters didn’t get to go to Disney World until she was 16, but they still had interesting vacations as a family. “We went to Gettysburg and Yellowstone - cool places. We spent six weeks in Yellowstone. It was wonderful. Talk about family togetherness. We are very close knit.”

Lamar loves sharing how she and her husband, Jamie. met while at the University of Tennessee. She was moving into the 15th floor at Andy Holt Apartments. Jamie was a resident assistant, and Lamar’s father went downstairs to borrow a hammer. Jamie was the R.A. at the front desk who loaned the hammer to Lamar’s father.

“My husband jokes that, ‘If your dad only knew what that hammer began,’ and that was 10 years ago this summer.”

Lamar also enjoys running marathons and half marathons. She ran high school track at Seymour High School and was always outside because her father enjoyed hiking. “Being outdoors is a big part of our family’s life and the biggest draw of running is being outdoors. It is a great stress reliever. I have a husband, a house and two kids. Running is my time.”

Lamar has done two marathons and three half marathons since 2007. “When I finished my first marathon, I was more proud of my marathon than my college degree. Anybody can study. Running that marathon is something I had to do all on my own.”

She has done all of her marathons since her last child was born in April of 2007 and now she has a baby on the way due in the fall. She credits her family, especially her husband, for helping her train. “I want to set a good example (for my children). They may not be into running but health will be a big part of their lives.”

Lamar says she excited about her new position with Blount Memorial Hospital and a big reason is her concern with living a healthy lifestyle. “Since I’ve become a mom, healthcare and overall fitness has become a important part of who I am.”

Being able to live and work in the same community is also an added benefit. “It’s nice to live and work in the same place. I’m very excited.”

25 Random Things About Caroline Lamar

1. My parents are my heroes, and I am trying to raise my kids as well as they raised my sister and me.

2. Many people think my sister and I are twins. I’m the older sister by about four years.

3. I’ve been a mom for a little over five years, and my daughters have taught me far more than I will ever be able to teach them.

4. I love to sing Broadway tunes in the car with my daughters. We can perform the entire soundtrack to “Wicked” on demand.

5. My husband, Jamie, and I met at UT when we were both resident assistants at the same dorm.

6. Jamie is an amazing dad and has been extremely accommodating as I have needed Cinnamon Altoids, Fruit Loops, raspberry lemonade and various other things at all hours of the night to satisfy my pregnancy cravings.

7. I love to run and make use of Blount County’s greenways whenever I can.

8. I ran the Disney Marathon in January -- four days after I found out I was expecting my third child.

9. I have a tattoo of a winged foot on my ankle to remind me of my commitment to running and to my health.

10. Running is a great stress reliever for me. Plus it is much cheaper than therapy.

11. Sometimes when I run I will go over my prayer list or thank God for all the blessings in my life.

12. My favorite restaurant is Tomato Head. I am so happy there’s one in Maryville now. I recommend the Tuscan Chicken sandwich on wheat followed by a piece of peanut butter pie.

13. I can’t live without cereal.

14. I always carry my camera with me because I love to take pictures.

15. I’m a stickler about my photo albums. The spines are all labeled with the dates so I know exactly which family events are contained within the pages.

16. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a pediatrician or a marine biologist.

17. I use cloth shopping bags even though most store clerks look at me like I’m from another planet for doing so.

18. I enjoy clipping coupons and hunting for the best deal.

19. I’ve always wanted to be the voice of an animated character in a Disney movie.

20. I love family vacations and am always trying to plan my next one.

21. I freak out on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World because I don’t like that drop in the pitch black.

22. I hate roller coasters.

23. When I was younger, I taught my little sister about Lyme disease, and to this day, she doesn’t like walking barefoot in the grass.

24. I love to travel and have a huge list of “must-visit” destinations, but my husband and I want to see Scotland the most.

25. If I had a second house it would be somewhere along the southern beaches of North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

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