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New business encourages fun, creative keepsakes

If you thought you had to have artistic flare or an advanced degree in arts and crafts to create works of art, think again. Thanks to Poka Dot Pottery Studio, anyone can create beautiful pottery and have a blast doing it too.

Poka Dot Pottery Studio, located at 1652 East Broadway, is a “paint your own” pottery studio that allows the customers to customize their own pieces of pottery.

“You can get creative, relax and paint,” said Ginger Boyd of Poka Dot Pottery Studio. The studio staff handles the glazing, firing and clean-up. The pottery pieces are ready to take home in approximately a week.

The process begins with choosing what the customer wants to make. Pieces include plates, cups, animal figurines, piggy banks, decorative boxes, dog and cat food bowls, Christmas ornaments, light switch plates and alphabet letters. Once a piece is selected, then the customer has 116 colors to choose from. Then the fun starts.

“It relaxes me,” said Boyd’s daughter, Raven. Raven has been the inspiration for Poka Dot Pottery Studio. Boyd said that painting pottery together was an activity the two have enjoyed for years. Boyd said whenever Raven earned extra money, the only thing she wanted to do was paint pottery. So, when Boyd was looking into starting her own business, a pottery studio seemed like the perfect choice.

“Raven is the boss,” Boyd said. “This was her idea. She named it and decorated the studio,” Boyd said. The studio is brightly painted with polka dots, of course.

Poka Dot Pottery Studio also features two party rooms that can accommodate almost any special occasion. Growing in popularity for the creative party-planner, pottery parties are being booked for Girls’ Night Out parties, birthdays, ball teams and church groups. Each room can hold eight people, or they can be opened up for 16 guests. Boyd said that the party host can order pizza and bring cake, and Poka Dot Pottery handles the rest.

Once the pottery is painted, Boyd said the ceramic pieces are dipped in a clear glaze and take about a day to set. Then the pieces are fired in the kiln where the temperature climbs to 1,830 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Boyd, the tiles in the oven are like the tiles on the space shuttle. She said the paint and the glaze is like liquid. As it cools, it hardens, and the glaze takes on the shiny appearance. The pieces are non-toxic and lead free, microwaveable and dishwasher safe, according to Boyd.

Poka Dot Pottery has become a popular place for bachelorette parties, Boyd said. She said the bride’s friends will each decorate a plate in the same color palette for the bridal couple. Boyd said the studio is a great place for parents to bring their children so they can make personal gifts for grandparents or aunts and uncles. In turn, grandparents are bringing in the grandkids to not only allow parents a night out, but also a chance for the children to make a memorable keepsake for their parents.

To find out more about Poka Dot Pottery and their special monthly events, call 865-233-3543. The store is located at 1652 East Broadway.

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