Dampier: Cosmetic surgery not just for Beverly Hills anymore

With the new year, many will look for ways to improve upon themselves. For some, it might be setting exercise goals or adopting healthy eating habits. For others, improving upon one’s self-image might mean making cosmetic improvements, like an eyelift or tummy tuck.

Dr. Loucinda Dampier has opened the L.R. Dampier Cosmetic Surgery Center in Maryville to offer cosmetic surgery in Blount County. Dampier’s office is located at 103 Station Drive at High Street.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t just for people who live in Beverly Hills, says Dr. Dampier. She said it is common for patients to be regular, working people who want to make an investment in themselves. Material possessions won’t last forever, but a person has to live with their body, Dampier said.

“I’m looking to help people feel better about themselves,” Dampier said. “To help them feel more comfortable in their own skin.”

According to Dampier, a lot of her patients are women who, after childbearing years, choose to get a tummy tuck and breast lift or implants. She said this if often referred to as the “mommy makeover.”

“I can’t turn anyone into someone else,” Dampier said, but she can repair some of the effects of childbirth, breast-feeding and aging. She said a lot of women want to remove stretch marks, tighten the stomach and lift the breasts to help get their body to what it looked like before they had children.

Dampier said a trend she saw in Las Vegas was buttock augmentation. She said it is a procedure that removes fat through liposuction, usually from the stomach region, and injects it into the buttocks.

According to Dampier, another popular trend is the facial rejuvenation through procedures using filler products such as Botox. Dampier said this in-office procedure is interactive for the patient. They can see in the mirror the changes as the procedure is done. It is common for the filler to last at least six months to one year.

Dampier said that men are becoming more interested in filler products to help get rid of crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead wrinkles. Also, a popular trend in cosmetic procedures for men is eyelid rejuvenation.

Dampier, who grew up in South Georgia, said she chose to live and practice in this area for several reasons.

“We chose Maryville because it didn’t have a cosmetic surgeon in the community,” Dampier said. Also, Dampier said she was attracted to the area because of the quality of life. Growing up, her family vacationed in the Smoky Mountains and that is when she fell in love with the area.

Dampier was a young teenager is when she decided on her profession as a cosmetic surgeon.

“I’ve know since I was 14 years old what I wanted to do,” Dampier said. She said she had to have several moles removed and weekly visits to the plastic surgeon is where she became fascinated with the field of cosmetic surgery. She had the opportunity to see the operating facility and became intrigued by the changes to the patients after their surgeries.

Dampier was so driven by her goal to become a surgeon, she skipped the last year of high school so she could graduate early and go to the University of Georgia. She received her college degree at 20 years old. Then, Dampier graduated from Mercer University School of Medicine in Georgia and completed her surgery residency in Jacksonville, Florida, becoming one of the youngest surgeons to complete board certification. After board certification, Dampier became a Cosmetic Surgeon Fellow at the Plastic Surgery Institute in Las Vegas.

Dampier said there is a difference between a true cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon. Dampier said she chose to become a cosmetic surgeon because she wanted to focus solely on aesthetic surgery.

“Cosmetic surgeons train at private or group practice surgery centers focusing primarily on aesthetic cosmetic surgery,” she said. “Plastic surgeons receive their training at an advanced residency program through an academic center. Plastic surgeons receive a broader range of experience like burn and trauma reconstruction as well as some aesthetic surgery.”

Dampier said it is very rewarding to see patients feel emotionally better after cosmetic surgery. “I really like the confidence it gives my patients,” Dampier said.

For more information, visit www.maryvillecosmeticsurgeon.com or call 865-983-8223.

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