Barbara Hatley Jenkins is in the Chat Room

Barbara Jenkins

Barbara Jenkins

Age: 53

Family: Married to Donald Jenkins; two daughters – Sarah, 17, a senior at Maryville High School, and Caroline, 14, a freshman at Maryville High School

Occupation: Executive Director, Maryville City Schools Foundation

What was your first paying job?

“When I was in the fifth grade, I babysat for our neighbors – four children at fifty cents an hour.”

If you could do one impulsive thing, unrestricted by cost, what would it be?

“I can’t do one impulsive thing -- it has to be a package… send my husband and his golf buddies on the golf trip of a life-time while I take my daughters, their friends and my sister to a fabulous beach of their choice for the summer.”

What’s your favorite television or movie quote?

“If you build it, he will come” from Field of Dreams.

What are you guilty of?

“Not being decisive enough.”

What is one thing you have always wanted to do but haven’t?

“Cruise the Mediterranean. I’ve always wanted to see that part of the world. There’s lots of history there, and I would love to go see it.”

Do you think there is life on other planets?


What is your favorite material possession?

“My engagement ring.”

What are you reading currently?

“Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and Living Yoga by Christy Turlington.”

Who has been the most influential person in the 20th century?

“There are several influential people of the 20th century. One that I have always been fascinated with is Winston Churchill. He was a great politician and writer, winning the Nobel Prize for literature.”

What was your most embarrassing moment?

“I was a bat girl in high school for the baseball team. I didn’t know anything about the sport. The batter hit a foul ball and threw the bat. I went out, picked it up and brought it back to the dugout. He started looking for his bat, and I had to take it back out to him. Talk about embarrassment in your senior year of high school!”

What is one word others often use to describe you and why?

“Committed – one of my colleagues recently told me that I am committed to the point of self-sacrifice… it is really my family that sacrifices. I am trying to do a better job of balancing.”

When you were 5 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

“It’s hard to remember at age 5. When I was in elementary school I wanted to be a movie star or a teacher.”

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

“I need to lighten up and not be so serious -- a sense of humor.”

What is your passion?

“My daughters – anything they are involved in -- which is primarily school and volleyball.”

With whom, living or dead, would you most like to have a long lunch?

“My dad, his parents, and his grandparents. My father’s parents died when he was a child, and I never had a chance to know them. Our family doesn’t have much information on that side of the family, and there aren’t too many family records. I have always been told my great-grandfather was of Cherokee decent and married an Irish woman of great wealth whose family disowned her upon marriage to him. My oldest daughter did the Family History Project her junior year at Maryville High School. We discovered that my great-grandfather had a first and middle name that we had never heard before. There is so much I would love to know about that side of my family.”

What do you hate?


What is your all-time favorite movie?

“Field of Dreams. I still cry when I watch it because of the the relationship between the father and son. My dad lost his dad at a young age, and I think about my dad and what he must have experienced losing his father, and then his mother at 16. It tugs at my heartstrings. Also, there was optimism. The whole movie, it’s full of optimism.”

If you could go back in time for a week, what time period or year would you visit?

“The Roaring ’20s. I think it sounds like a lot of fun -- all the dancing and clothes. People were partying, and life was great. Who knows what it was really like? It seems like it could be a fun time.”

What character in a book or movie would you most like to be?

“Scarlett O’Hara. She was strong, and she was beautiful.”

What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?

“If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything.”

Who is your hero?

“Mother Teresa. She had a quiet nature, was compassionate, and she moved the world. She did so many great things and impacted not just those around her, but the world.”

What was your first car?

“A Ford Granada repossessed straight out of West Virginia. I had to practically dig the mud out from under it.”

Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

“Half-full. To me, anyone who sees an empty glass is an unhappy, depressed person. A person who sees the glass as half-full and wants to fill it to the brim is a person who is exciting, full of passion about life and love -- all those things that make up a great, happy life.”

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