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Benton Stout

Benton Stout

Age: 41

Occupation: Business Collaboration Consultant

Family: Married to Lynn Stout for almost 19 years. They have two daughters -- Tara, 11, and Grace, 8

Benton Stout is a business collaboration consultant who enjoys a variety of interests. Whether he’s cooking barbecue at the Big Barbecue Bash, learning how to brew up just the right batch of homemade beer or reading online to find out more about Moroccan food his family enjoyed at Epcot, Stout enjoys plenty of different pursuits.

Stout came by his interest in barbecue honestly. He and his wife, Lynn, lived in Memphis for several years, and he participated in the annual Memphis in May barbecue competition.

“I was with International Paper who was a corporate partner in the barbecue festival, and I went a few years and volunteered to assist and help at their booth.”

A couple nights during the Memphis in May week, the team would feed 200 to 300 people from the company, 200 or 300 people.

“Someone had to be there all through the night, and it just intrigued me, caught my attention. I started playing around with it and got the option to continue to help with the International Paper Group. One year I actually had my own team in a smaller subset of the competition, the amateur arm. I got interested enough in it and bought a smoker.”

One of Stout’s other hobbies complements his interest in barbecue - brewing his own homemade beer. It’s a hobby he’s been doing for six years now.

“It’s relaxing,” he said. “It’s an interesting process.”

Stout says he enjoys learning about a variety of things. “I like a lot of eclectic kinds of thing. I dive deep and really get involved and really get to know a lot about it and bore all the people I know with things I have found out,” he says. “I very seldom spend enough time to truly master something because I end up bouncing around.”

25 Random Things About Benton Stout

1. I met my wife of 19 years when we were in high school.

2. I love fly fishing.

3. I’ve gone on the same fishing trip to Southwest Arkansas with the same group of friends for the last 17 years.

4. I like beer.

5. I coach both of my daughters in soccer with Parks and Rec. This spring will begin my fifth season coaching my girls.

6. I’ve had ACL surgery two times on the same knee -- 15 years apart.

7. I have several tattoos. My favorite one is called a Double Hee, which is the Korean symbol for ‘happiness in marriage.’

8. I competed and cooked in the Memphis in May International BBQ Contest for several years when I lived in Memphis.

9. My wife and I lived in Maine the year we got married. We went to the LL Bean store at midnight on Christmas Eve just because it was open.

10. I love to cook and cook all different types of foods. Right now I’m having fun cooking Moroccan dishes.

11. My favorite quote is, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

12. I am adopted.

13. I am a charter member of the Caio Deli Beer Club.

14. I once had three car accidents in the same year. None of them were really my fault.

15. I lived in Memphis for 10 years.

16. My favorite type of music is any style of Blues. I have over 12 days of Blues music on my iPod.

17. I brew beer.

18. A long-time hobby is photography. I have an antique camera collection.

19. I was on the Crew Team (rowing) when I was at UT. We’d be on the Tennessee River at 5:30 in the morning for practice.

20. I drive a Jeep. It’s my second one in 12 years only because someone ran me off the interstate last year. I was fine, but Jeep #1 was totaled.

21. I play indoor soccer every Wednesday night at 9:30 p.m. with a few crazy locals.

22. I hate hanging holiday decorations outside my house. I hate taking them down even more.

23. My favorite type of dog is a Labrador Retriever. I’ve had four since I’ve been married. My favorite was Moose, a female black Lab, who died two years ago at 16.

24. I travel for beer.

25. I could only come up with “24 Random Things About Me” to tell Lance.

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