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Clay Bagby

Photo by Tessa Bright Wildsmith

Clay Bagby

Age: 34

Family: Married for 11 years to Christy. They have four children -- Huck is 9; Alex, 7; Zeke, 4; and Tate, 3.

Occupation: Area director for Young Life of Blount County.

25 Random Things About Clay Bagby

1. I love Jesus and am amazed at how much He loves me.

2. Born the morning after Hank Aaron tied Babe Ruth’s home run record in April of 1974. Still have Atlanta Constitution front page coverage of that day!

3. Grew up in Augusta, Ga., and was incredibly spoiled/blessed to get to go to the Masters a lot.

4. My wife and I got married the week after our college graduation from Georgia Tech in 1997.

5. After college, we lived for five years in Washington, D.C., and loved the cultural diversity we were apart of.

6. Just moved this past summer from Aiken, S.C., where we lived for 6 years.

7. Father of four children; two biological and two adopted. It is the perfect mix because we have two boys and two girls, and the two adopted children are African-American, which makes our family wonderfully colorful!

8. While in D.C., I picked up the sport of Lacrosse and love it though don’t see it much in the South.

9. Very involved in Young Life while in high school and blown away that the Lord would allow me to serve Him in this ministry full time.

10. Trying to learn to play guitar but am musically inept.

11. I am in the middle of building a deck for my house (it’s harder than it looks).

12. I love to fish but haven’t gotten to very much lately.

13. I hate working out but love to exercise by playing sports with my high school friends from Young Life.

14. I really like Jam-style music and Blue Grass.

15. I am addicted to Coke Zero.

16. I will watch any TV show by Aaron Sorkin… SportsNight is my favorite!

17. I still have my first car -- a 1987 Jeep Wrangler that I am fixing up for my 9-year-old son, Huck.

18. My junior year in high school I witnessed a murder while on a date.

19. I have various clown-like talents… Balancing things on my nose, juggling, and riding a unicycle

20. I played foosball more than I studied while in college and am pretty confident that I can’t be beat on my table.

21. My favorite authors are Brennan Manning, Ken Gire and Jon Krakauer.

22. I have played 100 holes of golf in 1 day (6 times!!)

23. I camped out all night with Young Life guys to win a year of free wings at Buffalo Wild Wings.

24. I am taking a bus load of Blount County area teenagers to Frontier Ranch this summer in Buena Vista, Colo.

25. I love to cook, but mainly because I love to eat.

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