Bryan Daniels and 25 Random Things

Bryan Daniels

Bryan Daniels

Age: 36

Family: Married to Kim Graham Daniels since 2004.

Occupation: Executive vice president of the Blount County Economic Development Board

25 Random Things About Bryan Daniels

1. I am a morning person.

2. I am an only child, so my close friends are my family.

3. I constantly have to be doing something. Relaxing for me is working on a project that requires my total concentration.

4. I love politics. This is surprising because my parents are in no way political at all. I became interested in politics after I graduated high school and got an internship in Washington, D.C. I was hooked after that.

5. I kept growing until I was 22 years of age. Never great at sports because I was always growing and clumsy and was really never competitive. I now enjoy playing football in a recreation league and working out in the gym.

6. I was raised on a farm and swore I would never return to one. I now own a 60-acre farm in my hometown on the river overlooking the Smoky Mountains and can’t wait to spend long weekends up there. I take many of my colleagues up there to relax, but I have enjoyed living in Blount County and have never regretted the decision to move here.

7. I now own a motorcycle, which is surprising because I swore I would never own one.

8. My wife gets mad at me because I am so laid back, and I don’t get upset easy. Is this a bad thing?

9. My favorite places to ski are Park City and Deer Valley, Utah.

10. I have been fortunate to travel over the world. It’s funny because I never owned a passport until my present job.

11. All my life I have been told I look and act older than my age. Many of my close friends are 15 to 30 years older than I am.

12. I could watch the History Channel or C-span all day.

13.I love to read history books and physics books. However, I can never finish them.

14. I remodeled our farmhouse in my hometown. I enjoy working with my hands.

15. I would like to get my pilot’s license.

16. I enjoy movies with a historical background or funny movies. I like senseless comedy or political comedy. Wait, isn’t that the same thing?

17. I feel driven to keep learning all I can about my profession.

18. I had a bad car accident that changed my life in college. If God hadn’t been with me and had the entire emergency room staff, fire trucks, and an ambulance not been at the intersection I was, I truly would not be here.

19. My family means everything to me. That includes the animals.

20. I enjoy hanging out on our boat during long summer evenings.

21. I enjoy having a glass of port wine.

22. I thrive under pressure, and I am very unproductive when there is no deadline.

23. I am not a detailed person. I have to make myself become one.

24. Laziness frustrates me.

25. Every year life gets better no matter the hardship. We might as well enjoy it because we won’t make it out alive.

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