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In the final installment of the Lily Dale series, Calla Delaney finally discovers the whole truth about who she is and the secrets her family has kept hidden for so long. In the previous novels, Calla has explored her spiritual connection to ghosts in the small town of Lily Dale, New York, after her mother’s mysterious death.

Throughout the story, every time Calla found an answer, it opened up a new array of questions. At last, Calla knows for sure that her mother’s death was not an accident. She was intentionally pushed down the stairs by a woman named Sharon Logan, who then attempted to make Calla her next victim.

But why? When Calla reads her mother’s old e-mails, she discovers a secret correspondence with a high school lover. Was her mother having an affair? But what Calla reads in those messages are far worse than that. She learns that her mother had another child as a teenager. Her mom was told the baby had died during birth, but the e-mails reveal that it was a lie. Suddenly, Calla must grasp the fact that somewhere out there, she may have a half-sister, and she might not have known her mom as well as she thought.

Calla struggles to deal with this startling information, meanwhile strengthening her abilities to communicate with the other side. However, now she must also keep her special powers hidden from her father, who has decided that it is time he stay in Lily Dale with Calla. How can she ever find all the answers secretly? And even if she can solve this puzzle, does she really want to know the truth?

Before checking out this story, readers should definitely begin with the first three Lily Dale books. As the series has progressed, each installment has drawn me further into this mysterious world. This last book’s plot line certainly thickens, and after all this time, I was ready for all secrets to be revealed.

However, I was a bit disappointed with this finale. Normally, there’s a sense of danger in the books that keeps you turning the pages, but this novel seemed to just go downhill as it answered one-by-one each question. While the ending offered closure, I feel that a bit of the air of intrigue that always left me eager for more was gone. All-in-all, it was an enjoyable series that I would strong recommend, but I wish Lily Dale could have preserved the suspense until the final page instead of just the final book.

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